Real Name: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 335 lbs.
Age: 29

Specialty Moves: (Please note, these are INTENSELY dangerous and should NOT be tried at home.)

Finishing Move (or, more accurately, FATALITY):

Finishing Move Description: (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME)

When opponent is doubled/bent over, reach over his back and bring your arms under his until his triceps touch the crook of your elbow. Bring your hands the rest of the way around his arms and lock your hands behind his neck. This should resemble a wierd, inverted full-nelson. Pull your opponent towards you so that his head is parallel to your body, yet perpendicular to his. Kick your legs out and let gravity take over. Your opponent should hit the mat on the very top of his head while you hit on the balls of your feet, thus forcing his neck to support your weight, his weight, and the impact.

It's NOT going to.

Once again. This description is meant to help you visualize the move in the roleplays. It is NOT meant to be done to another living thing, EVER. I have YEARS of martial arts experience, and would NEVER do this move under ANY circumstances.

Neither should YOU. EVER.

In all my years of jiujitsu, sombo, wrestling, and freestyle hand-to-hand I have never seen ANYTHING even REMOTELY like the move you have just had described. Therefore, the move is copyrighted by myself as of the day I first devised it, August 14, 1992.

Not much is known about the entity known as Bobo Fiendish except that he's a remorseless killer with 134 known victims to his credit. Before he was freed by a group of seriously deluded radicals; Bobo was kept in a prototype portable maximum security cell in the basement of the previous federation he was part of - the now defunct 2EWO. Bobo is exceptionally intelligent and well read, so it is advised that he should not be underestimated in the ring or out. Further, Bobo dislikes groups/gangs, as he tended to have to fight off groups of other inmates while in jail. This practice accounted for over two-thirds of his known victims.

Bobo has an inhuman tolerance for pain, and an almost superhuman strength and stamina... All are attributed to his complete insanity, and it is believed that his repeated (which is to say, constant) beatings by the prison guards may have toughened him even more.

In the ring, Bobo is an engine of destruction unequalled. He likes to let his opponents get in a few shots before he begins their torture, in order to give them a false sense of hope. His simple Iron Claw has been shown to be firm enough to crumble brick, and his other moves get even more brutal. The audience must sign waivers when they go to a show Bobo is to appear in, just in case...

Bobo has travelled the earth going from promotion to promotion sowing his special brand of mayhem, and has gathered to himself dozens of championships - as well as totally destroying several promotions. Bobo is very 'old-school' and prefers to wrestle 'shoot' (really fight, instead of pretending), as well as refusing most 'gimmick' matches. He has a hearty dislike for 'superstars' (script wrestlers) and seeks to single-handedly bring the 'sport' back to it's former glory. By eliminating every superstar he comes across, preferably...

Not to say he won't DO a gimmick match, mind you, but he prefers to do those that favor skill over luck. His favorite being the 'No Escape' Cage Match, which can only be won via pinfall... Naturally, considering his skill with submission wrestling - as well as his generally sadistic leanings - he likes to beat the snot out of his victim as long as he can before finally pinning them; or more accurately, what's LEFT of them...

Bobo's skill and power in the ring is matched only by his ego (It's only bragging if it's NOT true), and he brutally derrogates anyone he feels isn't worthy to be in the sport with him (which is to say, everyone).

"You're welcome.... See you SOON."

Bobo's Area