Flair and Balanced
Originally Posted 10-25-04

Hello, my intended...

Well, there's been some bumps and drops over the week in this ol' blistering binary. DK's decided to End Transmissions at 100 and adopt a less imperative pace. As long as it's not the same pace Jonny X is walking, I've no problem with it. If he went and announced he was hanging it up, though, I'd probably be knocking at his door right now with an axe hidden behind my back - but I digress...

In other news, Ross, Lawler and Flair aren't the only guys bothered by Kimmel's comments on Flair's senior citizenship, although I suppose the Treacherous Three wouldn't go so far as to randomly deconstruct somebody that allegedly echoed that opinion on the internet. I say allegedly because although he said he quoted the article in its entirety (which woud be outright theft of intellectual property), even Google couldn't find a piece of the web with any two words of this op-ed piece he found. This is further compounded to suspiciousness by there not being a link to this bothersome opinion he says he copied and pasted in its entirety twice in his own op-ed.

First of all, I really like Inside Clyde's work. I don't always agree with everything that's said on our Ugly Cousin site, but they don't usually charge down on folks out of the blue. I'm not even against the usage of other folks' articles against them, but when I do it I usually pick a guy that's PAID MONEY to write columns (Ross and Bradshaw, specifically) rather than some random pud. And even when I do that, I usually have the courtesy to link back to them.

I have made several comments over the course of my Recap deal that basically add up to the sort of 'cheap shot' that Clyde takes such exception to. The difference is, in case no one knows, I love Ric Flair. I loved the guy that was the stylin' and profilin', kiss stealin' limousinin', jet-plane ridin' WOOOO. Nah Cha BWA. I further contend that that Ric Flair is the one I wish I still saw on the show, but I've long since accepted that I'm not ever going to again. This Ric Flair is not the one I cheered for as a younger man. The Ric Flair I loved is not the one that cheapened his Legacy by taking that Charismatic Iconoclast he was - and we loved - and became Triple H's Head Cheerleader. You can give me the 'it's an angle' deal all you like, but HHH claiming on camera that Flair's book says that he was a fucking shattered memory of his former greatness and HHH was the one that 'brought him back' is beyond fucking appalling to me - and if the book actually says this when I finally get around to reading it, I'm gonna fucking PUKE. Especially considering what HHH seems to feel is a role befitting/equalling Flair's former greatness is little more than his personal goddamn pissboy. (Christ, I sound like Randy goddamned ORTON, here!)

Now kids, I don't take exception to what's essentially a fluff piece defending Flair. I've done the odd fluff piece myself - specifically for Dory Funk Jr. and Paul Heyman. And technically, the Funk piece started out as an indictment for his posting teenagers making like cheesecakes on his website. Neither do I take exception to this being an indictment against the IWC, because I've done that too.

I've also been one of the few people advocating for retirements (notably, Terry Funk's, Ric Flair's, HBK's and Jeff Hardy's) and against various 'comebacks', notably Foley's and Piper's. There is a reason. That reason is that I think it's better to have a Living Legend than a Dead Man's Legacy or a Cripple's Sad Stories. Do I think Flair still loves to perform? Sure. Do I still love to see him? Sure. Do I think my entertainment is more important than his well-being? Absolutely not. The guy's got kids, for chrissakes.

Do I think that Flair will have to be carried from the ring feet-first if he keeps going like he's the Choppy-Woo Energizer Bunny? Yes. Do I think it's sad that Flair's said more than once that 'he doesn't know what he'd do/he'd be lost if he couldn't wrestle'? Yes. Do I think even now Flair brings 'that certain something' to the product? Yes. Do I want him to cripple himself to do it? Absolutely not. There's plenty of people on the roster that can fill the 'job at the drop of a hat' role to get the other guys over. Maybe they're not as well-known as Flair is, but they'll never get there if they're only doing dark matches for Velocity, either.

Unless you're a complete idiot, you must realize that one of these Back Body Drops he's gonna shatter that hip, and if he keeps bumping on the floor it's gonna be sooner rather than later. Only Ric Flair - and perhaps Larry Zybysko, since he ran with the whole Shaolin Monk theory for why old guys can still go - believe that they can still work like they did in the old days. Only Ric Flair - and perhaps, oh, anybody that's classified as an 'old-timer' - thinks that 'they are in the best shape of their career RIGHT NOW'. This is pretty fucking pathetic even as self-delusion goes, and former glory becomes tarnished when this occurs.

For an analogy, I loved a bunch of those old cartoons back in the day, but watching them today through the miracle of DVD makes me realize that in today's world they don't really fly so well. Take The Transformers, for instance... Most kids I know of that watch the old shows condemn it as cheesy and a bit stupid. The 'updated' version isn't much better, as the group I'd tested the 'new' Transformers: Energon show show on thought it was a bit better, but still pretty cheesy and stupid.

It's worse with people. Much worse. You need only consider The Legion of Doom. When Vince tried to 'update' them as LOD2000, it was craptastic. When Jonny Ace brought them back for a short run last year, they got the 'nostalgia pop' but were fucking awful in the ring - worse than usual, even. This poor performance marred their 'legacy', and fans that had never seen these guys perform were all, "What's the big fucking deal? These guys suck."

If I fucking hated Ric Flair's guts, which I don't, I'd think he deserves better than this sort of shit. I would think that any of his fans would agree that he's better than this sort of shit. I would think HE would know he's better than this sort of shit. However, it seems I would be wrong on both counts...

Bluntly, you can't have your cake and eat it. The Ric Flair I cheered for was a lot of things, but none of them were shameless hypocrite. That is different now. It is not a difference I like very much. The Flair that all but buried a young Jean-Paul Levesque when he tried to be in WCW is now calling Terra-fucking-RYZING the best wrestler alive today. The Flair that Clyde claims left WWF 'on his own terms' is being used as a LACKEY. A LACKEY. And Ric's almost desperately trying to portray how fucking GLAD HE IS TO BE ONE. THIS isn't considerable as hazing someone that achieved their greatness with 'the competition'? What is, then? You'll note that ol' Dusty had to act pretty goddamn happy about what he soaked up during his tenure, so Flair acting happy about his lot doesn't sell to me that he's actually happy to be there. It's absolutely illogical that RIC, -WOOO- By GOD, FLAIR could be happy about being Hunter's fucking CADDY, but you can't deny it keeps those checks coming in.

You also can't deny that it's a pretty clear example of 'selling out his legacy'. The Ric Flair I cheered for was never a fucking sellout. The Ric Flair I paid money to see work was never a Bootlicker. That sort of shit was the OPPOSITE of The Nature Boy. I can't bring myself to cheer for it now. Sorry.

I agree with Clyde's assertion that wrestling makes it's own world. I do not agree that that world should be devoid of logic - carnival or not. Don't get me started on Lita calling for Snitsky's head for killing a baby that she got after being coerced into sex with Kane and later blackmailed into marrying him. Wrestling should have at least a winking acknowledgement of logic. If it doesn't, people scratch their heads and wonder what the fuck is going on; but most of them switch to football rather than try to figure it out. Remember when Vince said that he wasn't going to 'insult the fan's intelligence'? See, when you make people wonder why they still watch, some of them stop. That's not how one keeps in business.

I agree that they shouldn't have let Kimmel's comments slide. But I'd rather have had Flair himself take umbrage instead of Lawler and Ross doing so while Flair fumed in silence. If there's one thing Flair should never, EVER be, it's goddamn SILENT.

Maybe it's because I'm watching on a high-definition TV, but Flair looks genuinely awful physically - and that awfulness is magnified by the contrast of being surrounded by all these young muscle-heads. Sure, I agree that because it's not a 'real' sport, old guys can still seem competitive. But when Vince McMahon looks more 'fit' than the Undertaker does, I think something's wrong. More to the point, I don't think a kid watching will see anything but some guy beating up someone's grandpa. And how bad does the young guy look when grandpa wins?

I also agree that Flair's done dirt in his time, and who hasn't? Even if we ignore Hart, Zenk, Foley or dozens of others that have said as much, Ric Flair's track record is pretty shabby. Even Clyde says so, sort of (italics emphasis is mine): "Flair does what he is asked. He went to the looney bin. He had the heart attacks on camera. He got buried in the dirt. All top wrestlers throw their weight around. Most of the time it is to the detriment of the company (see Triple H, most of Nash's main event career, and countless other examples) but in Flair's case, he did what he was asked unless it had to do with keeping his word, or protecting the integrity of the business. Not a bad track record."

...Care to rephrase? Still think you can give writing lessons to us marks? Still think you can question anyone else's credibility just because they're not lining up to suck Flair's cock?

So I wonder about this piece. I wonder why someone wrote something so glowingly - to paraphrase Zenk - 'Queer for Flair' and simultaneously 'anti-internet smark' in this day and age? Especially considering it's trying to defend the one thing that's almost universally agreed upon as a 'down-side' to Flair (his age, if you forgot). Is WWe looking for writers again? If they are, I can guarantee you that they're not looking for them online, brother.

Someone had to tell you - and it was ME.

Again, I'm not downing Inside Clyde. I disagree with him on a few points, sure, but I genuinely enjoy his columns. I actually think he and I share some similarities in the fact that we bring 'unique perspectives' to the IWC. I further agree that there is still 'good' in the WWe product, and I agree that people tearing it down for no reason aside from making themselves look 'hip' or 'cool' to whomever reads their articles is a fucking shame.

Although it's begging Fox News to come after me, you'll note that I have a pretty fair and balanced recap - especially compared to most of the other folks doing recaps. If I think something's good, I'm not going to try and find a reason to complain about it anyway for the sake of my 'rep'. I believe that we agree that Flair's done a lot for the business - probably more than anyone else could or ever will.

But we disagree because I think he's done enough.

I'd like to invite Inside Clyde to discuss this with me. Despite any differences we have in semantics, I think what we have in common is enough to form at least a grudging mutual respect. I'll email this recap to him along with my contact information.

Eric's picture is NOT booed.

Replay of Bischoff versus Eugene in it's entirety. Bischoff starts off kicking the shit out of his nephew, but when he sees Eugene hulking up he fakes his knee 'going out' and then kicks Eugene real nice upside the head. Eugene continues to Hulk up, and then beats Bischoff to the ground. And in further homage to Hulk, he hits his uncle with the Hogan Legdrop and then Eugene gets the win.

Coach and Bischoff try to weasel Eric out of a shaved head, but then Vince comes out to the ring and says unless Eric goes through with the haircut, he's FIRRRRRRRRRRRREED! Eric comes back and Eugene makes with the clipping. Coach tries to escape, so Vince calls him back to ringside and makes him undress and then wear the dress. Vince tells him not to be a slut and button the dress up. Bischoff cusses out Coach, but Vince makes him sit back down and Vince calls attention to how Eric's roots are 'gray as a ghost' and calls him a phony son of a bitch.

By the way, we're in Des Moines, Iowa, and Eric comes to the ring in a leather beret he's wearing backwards. I guess it's more 'cool' that way... He's also got a nice gray five o'clock shadow. I guess Hogan stole all the beard pencils in the place when he left, huh?

Eric bitches about how he was brought into the Raw as GM and he's been stepped on every time he's tried to do his job, and his authority has been undermined every time he's put his foot down. In protest, he's giving himself the night off, which means that 'the inmates are running the asylum'. Ross and Lawler try to figure out what the ramifications are, and then promise us a rematch between Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho for the IC.

Commercials. Chucky's getting another movie. I wonder if Scott Steiner will be in it? Chucky DID promise him a part in his next movie, remember? No? Go look it up, then.

Evolution makes their way to the ring. All of them in suits, and it's no doubt to fill the 'power vacuum'. Let's see if they're that predictable... HHH gets a microphone. I can hear the sound of a couple million TV sets changing channels.

He asks us if we loved 'having the power' Taboo Tuesday, and then takes it upon himself to announce Evolution as running the show. It's not just because he's the World Champ, it's because there's strength in numbers and might makes right. There's also no one in the back that can tell them any different. So it's gonna go like this: His Best Friend Ric Flair (insert dog joke here) can have anything he wants tonight, and HHH will give it to him.

Flair wants Randy Orton. He says that Orton beating him Tuesday doesn't affirm that he's a Legend Killer - it just makes him lucky. Flair gets on his knees and begs HHH to let him have Randy Orton. No, I only WISH that I was kidding. HHH orders it to be so. Flair does the duck-walk in glee.

Orton comes to the top of the ramp and asks if he heard right about HHH 'ordering him' to face Flair, and reminds him that he doesn't take orders from HHH anymore. HHH says 'You will tonight' for the Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night. Orton says that nobody's gonna listen to Evolution, and neither is anyone in the back or the stands. The crowd chants RKO. Orton says all he wants is a shot at the title.

HHH says that it's exactly the attitude that's gonna get people's asses kicked tonight. HHH says that he won't face Orton unless he can whip Flair. Orton says he already did that, which according to Flair's credo makes ORTON The Man. Flair goes bugshit. HHH says that he'll pencil Orton in for the Main Event at Survivor Series if he beats Flair, but if not Randy will never get another title shot as long as HHH is the champ - and that he plans to be the Champ for A Very Long Time.

Orton accepts. Flair is happy. HHH has a look on his face that all but guarantees 'screwjob pending'.

Ross and Lawler speak about how over 4 million fans voted. Considering they said they got a million the first hour, that's not very impressive numbers is it? No, clearly not.

We get clips of Shelton Benjamin beating Y2J with a Power Slam for the title.

Commercials. A new WWe game for the PS2 has online play and 'real superstar voice-overs'. The commercial has Stacy and Trish fighting in their underwear at a street cafe and a wheatfield. Bret Hart's in this one, too. I might buy it to hear his voiceovers, but I doubt it'd be along the lines of the imfamous 'Vince Screws Everything Around Me' rap. If it was, though, it'd sell MILLIONS.

Benjamin comes down the aisle with the belt looking pretty happy. He soaks up some pops for a bit. Jericho makes his entrance next, also to a decent pop.

Bell rings and they circle each other before tying up. Jericho with a Side Headlock. SB Irish Whips free. Y2J shoulderblocks him down. They run the ropes and Benji hits a HipBlock Takeover that he flows to an armbar. Jericho counters with a Hammerlock. SB reverses to his own Hammerlock. Jericho reverses to a waistlock and takes Benji down, but Benji flows through and waistlocks Jericho. Jericho hits a couple punches. SB backs him to the Farside for retaliation brawlies, then whips Jericho to the Nearside. Shelton goes for the Splash, but Jericho dodges. Shelton spills outside. Jericho climbs to the top buckles and Crossbodys Benjamin as he's getting up down on the floor.

Commercials. Shellshock, 'Nam '67 is a new videogame. I wonder what the Swift Boat Vets would say about it?

We're back, and Y2J has Benji in a Kneeling Backbreaker Submission. There's no sound feed. Benji breaks loose as the sound returns, and then hits a bunch of punches. Benji runs to the ropes for momentum, but Jericho hits the Flying Neckbreaker. Jericho climbs to the top buckles and SB punches him to stymie the plan - then climbs up and Hurancunranas Jericho down. The ref starts the ten-count. Y2J up at five. SB up at seven. Jericho whips him to the ropes, but SB hits him with a Flying Forearm followed by a Spinning Heel Kick. Jericho responds with a Springboard Missile Dropkick that sends Benji to the floor.

Benji comes back in and Jericho lariats him inside out. Gets two. Jericho whips SB to the Face corner. SB reverses. SB charges in and eats the boot. Jericho and SB chain back and forth VERY nicely. Jericho goes for the Walls, but SB counters with a Twisting Bodyscissors for the threecount. Jericho's not too happy about it, but shakes hands with the new champ for a job well done.

And it was. Bravo to both of them. Jericho leaves and Benjamin basks in the thrill of victory. Christian comes out for an ambush and then Unprettiers Shelton and holds up the IC Champ as if he's the real champ.

Coach and Bischoff are sitting on a couch together watching it all on TV. Bischoff is apparently getting drunk on his day off. I don't blame him. Done it myself a few times. I'm just worried about him passing out with Coach sitting there...

Commercials. Two Russian guys argue about 'Is It The Shoes' that make Jermaine O'Neal a great ballplayer for a Nike commercial. Um. Not that I regularly follow the NBA, but who the fuck is this guy?

Flair and Evolution are pushing up on the Zombie, but she turns them down because she's got plans. Jericho walks by, and the sound feed goes out. Jericho and HHH talk it over, but we can't hear it. Maven shows up as HHH and Evolution (I guess, since I still can't hear it) try to explain their 'strength in numbers theory'. Sound comes back. HHH asks Maven, "You want some of this, Tiger Woods?" Sound goes back out. Then Benoit pops up and the sound comes back so he asks if there's a problem. HHH starts to say there is, but the rest of the lockerroom pops out of the woodwork and Evolution backs away slowly in the face of 29 to three odds.

We're shown the clips pertinent to Edge's 'turn' because he doesn't want the 'consolation prize' of the Tag Gold when he obviously deserves the Big Belt. We're then shown HBK getting Speared by Edge so HHH can retain. Edge and HBK will have an interview coming up next. First...?

Commercials. A couple skanks do a song and dance number to explain their being pissed at the 'Spike at Nine' lineup.

Foley came to an elementary school in Harlem to shill his book. Nice bit.

Ross is in the ring and thanking us for making Tuesday such a fun night, and then explains that Edge isn't there tonight - but he is there via satellite. He asks if Edge would please explain himself.

Edge says that the title was not for HBK to win. It was his. He was mad about that. He denies HBK's sympathy vote because he's soaked up more damage than HBK ever has and nobody cares. He's sick of it. He's sick of people taking him for granted and pissed that six lousy percent of the vote was all that kept him from his Destiny. He then says that he's not there tonight because the fans don't deserve to see him, and then walks off in a huff.

Ross calls Michaels out next. HBK comes out on crutches. He pauses to blow kisses to the general area, and then continues to the ring - getting in there a bit awkwardly but without assistance. Ross says that the way he sees it. he doesn't deserve to stand in the ring with a Future Hall of Famer, and relinquishes the mic to HBK and hits the bricks.

"Hello, Des Moines, Iowa," he goes for the cheap pop. He gets it. He downplays Edge continuing his efforts despite his injuries and says that if the list of boo-boos he had were over a 20 year career he could consider himself tough. But since it was during six months - it only makes him out to be clumsy and fragile. Way to bury the kid, HBK. I'd say you were in rare form, but you doing that shit isn't rare.

HBK blathers on a bit about how the fans took part, and then pretty much thanks us for saying we wanted to see HHH and HBK One More Time. He speaks about how he's tried to be transparent for us. He didn't do it because he's got a John Wayne complex. He didn't do it because he wanted to prove himself tough. He knew the risks, but when we asked for him, that's what he gave us. "I gave you me," are his exact words.

He then says that Taboo Tuesday proved that the fans will be there for them, and he calls for the roster to reciprocate. He wants everybody in the whole place to be there for us fans from now on. He then says that while he's at a crossroads similar to the one he was at 2 and a half years back when he'd had that back injury. But tells us that when he came back then - he did it for him. He says that when he comes back again - cheesy as it sounds - it'll be for us. He thanks us for our support and makes his exit.

Ross says, "There will never be another Shawn Michaels in my eyes." for the second Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night. Thank God he didn't follow that remark with how HBK's got a lot of spunk, because I'd have a fucking heart attack on the spot.

Commercials. Reverend Al Sharpton hosts a Reality Show called 'I Hate My Job'. Doesn't get much funnier than that.

Maven's going to have an interview, but Batista interrupts it. Maven challenges him. Dave says Maven's not worth his time or energy, then turns to continue his carjacked interview. Maven slaps Dave and then scrams to the ring calling Dave to join him. Dave does. Maven comes out to no intro (and total silence). Dave gets his music, but still total silence. Dave enters the ring and Maven lays in some brawlies to start it off. Dave shoves Maven down and clubs on him. Maven back up and tries to Whip Dave to the Heel corner. Dave digs in to stop it and then whips Maven to the Face corner for a Lariat. Dave continues the beatdown and then hotshots Maven from a Vertical Suplex across the top ropes. Maven flies outside. Dave goes out after him and bounces him off the steel steps. Dave picks Maven up for a Body Slam, but Maven slips out and feeds Dave the barrier. No effect. Dave throws Maven back in and follows. Maven with some brawlies followed by a dropkick. Dave picks him up and Charges into the Farside. Maven goes back-first into the corner but fights free. Dave backs up from the unexpected flurry of brawlies. Maven scuttles up the Farside and goes for a Missile Dropkick, but Dave swats him aside. Dave goes for the Sitout Powerbomb, but Maven counters with a Sunset Flip.

And gets the threecount. Holy fuck. Dave can't believe it. Neither can I. Maven skedaddles up the ramp, but Dave comes after him. Jericho and Benoit pop out for the Strength in Numbers deal. Dave stops in his tracks and stares impotently at the three little guys as two of them raise Maven's hand.

Monster? My ass.

Commercials. Some fuckstick torments a Taco Bell employee to sell us chicken chili...

Mark Henry and Chris Nowinski are part of the Smackdown Your Vote Bus Tour. There's too many punchlines possible for that, so pick one out yourself.

Kane gets the HBK treatment he once dished out from Gene Snitsky at Taboo Tuesday. Ross says that Kane might not be here tonight...

Thank you, Gene Snitsky!

Regal comes out for a match. It's apparently against Snitsky, since Gene backjumps him and beats him down on the outside, then puts Regal into the ring to start the match. Gene with the big Pumphandle Side Slam on the battered Regal for the squash win. Eugene comes to the ring with some trainers and referees to save Regal. Snitsky gets the mic and says what he did to Regal was nothing compared to what he did to Kane. He destroyed 'The Monster Kane', which nobody else could do. Further, he'll destroy anyone in the locker room. He says the death of Kane's kid was not his fault, but the DESTRUCTION he causes from here on in? That will. RAAAAAARR.

I love this guy. No shit.

Cut to Bischoff and Coach still watching the show. Coach is leaning a bit close to Bischoff. Bischoff continues pounding down the booze. Ross says, "Bischoff and Coach enjoying each others' company-" but we go to commercials before he can finish the slam. I give that half credit for Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night 2.5.


Replay of Trish retaining in the Taboo Tuesday Battle Royal. To paraphrase the Pulp Fiction, you know what they call a school uniform in Japan? Seifuku. (SAY-fu-KU) There's a joke in there somewhere, but we cut to Lita combing her hair. Trish comes up and talks some shit about how Lita might be 'falling for the big fella' just in time to ruin his career. She then suggests Lita's getting fat.

Lita beats on Trish. Victoria comes out of the woodwork and pries her off the Woman's Champion. God knows why, and He's not telling.

Smackdown Rebound has Booker T showing respect for JBL, then beating him up in the ring and pinning him. Orlando tries to make a save, so he gets a BookEnd. Then we get some clips of the Tough Enough. Some guy is kicked out for being forty. Another is out for being injured. We're already at our Final Eight. All of them guys. I guess since they've already signed a couples chicks that're totally unnecessary with the Raw Diva Search, they can have the Tough Enough be andro-centric, hmm?

Cut to the Evolution Locker with HHH flipping out about things not going as he planned. HHH is pretty close to frantic as he says Flair just Can Not lose tonight because he has NO intention of facing Orton. Ever. Flair talks him down and says that no one would DARE to interfere with his match. HHH says if anyone does dare, Batista and him...? Heheheh.

What the FUCK does that mean? It makes no sense! Make some SENSE! At least finish the ominous threat two guys should pose to more than twenty... Oh, wait. That DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, EITHER.

Commercials. (10:40)

Flair starts to the ring (10:43). By himself. He looks about as good as he can at this point. He gets to the ring at 10:41 as Ross and Lawler tell us that The Survivor Series is being sponsored by X-Box, which is the only system not getting a WWe game this year. That's hilarious. Also sad.

Orton comes to the ring (10:45) and soaks up a lukewarm response. Orton and Flair stare at each other a bit and the ref rings the bell (10:46). They lock up and Orton shoves Flair down. Flair back up and they go to the collar and elbow. Flair with a Side Headlock. Orton Irish Whips free. Flair Shoulderblocks him down. Flair runs the ropes. Orton leapfrogs him and then scoops him up for a sloppy Body Slam. Flair with some brawlies, then tosses Orton to the outside. Randy almost ricochets back in. Flair is then Irish Whipped to the Face Buckles for the Back Body Drop. Flair staggers to the Nearside and then comes at Orton to get a second Back Body Drop. Flair begs off. Orton comes in after him, and Flair thumbs him in the eye. Flair tries to get in some offense, but Orton clotheslines him outside.

Flair crawls around on the floor, so Orton comes out after him. Flair with some Choppy-Woo. Orton Vertical Suplexes him onto the floor. Flairt hits the ground with a sound comparable to a bag of wet concrete on blacktop. I wince. That fucking hurt ME. Orton rolls Flair back inside and sets him up in the Nearside for some brawlies. Flair Flop. Orton picks him up and Whips him to the Farside. Orton charges in for a shoulderblock to the belly, but Flair dodges. Orton hits the ringpost and then falls outside hollering about it. Flair uses the time to regroup. WWe uses the time for...

Commercials. (10:52)

We're back (10:55) and Flair has Orton trapped in the Nearside Corner and is working him over with brawlies. Orton brawls back. Flair elbows him in the back of the head. Orton collapses. Flair goes to the top. Orton recovers to do the Flair Fling. Orton climbs to the top of the Heel Corner and goes for the Crossbody, but Flair dodges. Orton's favoring his knee. Flair chop-blocks him and then starts working the leg with gusto. Flair bounces on Orton's leg after draping it on the bottom rope, and then gets some measured kicks. Flair then hits a Spinning Toehold, which he follows with another Chop Block and then the Figure Four. Orton flops around in agony. He lays back. Gets two. He flips around some more before laying back for another twocount. Orton manages to turn it over. Flair releases. Orton's in trouble and trying to crawl to the corner, but Flair grabs his leg and goes for the Figure Four again. Orton counters with an Inside Cradle. Gets two.

Flair and Orton go toe-to-toe, trading chops and punches. Flair falls. Orton trying to get it together and then hits Flair with the Back Body Drop. Flair staggers to the Heel corner, and then Randy mounts him for the Tencount Punches. Flair is in trouble. Orton hits the RKO. Dave comes out to the apron. Benoit, Jericho and Maven charge out and beat Dave into the ground like a fucking railroad spike.

HHH uses the distraction to chairshot Orton into next week as the ref tries to break up shit that has nothing to do with the match. HHH rolls a semi-conscious Flair into the ring and onto Orton. Referee remembers why the fuck he's out there and jumps back into the ring. Threecount.

I'm disappointed with the Screwjob, but as HHH and Flair make their retreat up the ramp they are confronted by Benoit, Jericho and Maven. They try to escape over the barrier, and are trapped by the rest of the roster being on the other side of same. Evolution retreats into the ring to try and beg off. Orton RKOs Flair. HHH abandons his Best Friend, but is dragged into the ring by the rest of the locker room.

HHH begs for mercy surrounded by four guys. The fans call for his head. Maven punches HHH. Benoit with the Triple German. Jericho with the Lionsault. The four of them pick HHH up and hold him as they tear off HHH's suitcoat and shirt. Orton RKOs HHH. The fans are going apeshit. So am I. This was fucking great.

If they can do a show this good without Bischoff every week, the guy's fucking FIRRRRRRRRED! Yes, I know the guy's position is purely a work, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was how they run with it next week.

Sweet Mother Church, this was a GREAT show. The 'unity' against Evolution is long overdue, and the matches were mostly decent. Except the Regal Squash, but even that worked for forwarding the whole 'New Monster In Town' arc. Well done, gentlemen. Well done.

That's it from your old buddy Bobo...

You're welcome. See you SOON.