Terror Rising

Hello, my intended...

Well, this HAS been a busy time of late, hasn't it? Terrorists, Anthrax and Bomblets, oh my! First, in case anyone wasn't certain what the Angel of Death...MOST EXALTED's opinion on this would be, let me state without equivocation that I gotta stand on God's side with this one - whatever you choose to call Him/Her. See, God is pretty much against us earth-critters doing each other in for whatever 'cause', and He'd appreciate it if we'd fucking stop. Right NOW. Both supposed 'sides' in this mudwallow are intent to make this into some Holy War, and brother, let me tell you that the Man Upstairs is known for getting a trifle on the PISSY side when us lower creatures presume to decide who needs killing, especially when they want HIM to take the blame. I'd hate to be any of them when He has a chance to speak with them about it... So will they.

Personally, I really don't think it means jack squat who has a 'right' to whatever handful of sand there is in question. God gave ALL of us this blue marble with the PLAN being we fucking SHARED it. I don't believe He pulled any section aside and whispered that they could have this piece or that piece to themselves, and I think it's pretty damn presumptuous to suggest He talks to a bunch of self-serving, self-important assholes with a persecution complex in the first place - LET ALONE saying it was okay if they made public their rights to same by killing people that happened to be standing on their 'promised lands' at the time. That means ALL of these dumbasses, folks. Bobo doesn't pick sides in this kind of crap. Killing each other for a handful or two of dirt is plain nonsense.

Now you can say, 'But Bobo, isn't America at fault? Didn't America's contributions to one side of the affair all but DEMAND that the other side attack the USA as an enemy? Isn't it just a case of the chickens coming home to roost?' Poppycock. Neo-political posturing masquerading as righteous ire, and doing a poor job of it to say the least. In case no one NOTICED, those attacks killed BLACK people too. Those attacks killed MUSLIMS too. So let's knock off this high-horsing around, shall we? There were NO Injuns killed in that debacle, and that orchestrated mass murder rocked me to the core. I'm not personally interested in what EXCUSE was used to lamely attempt to justify one of the biggest slaughters of the innocent since the Holocaust. Those responsible must be held accountable, PERIOD. You can't kill people because you don't think you have enough fucking DIRT, PERIOD. If you DO, then you must PAY. PERIOD.

I'll be the first one to tell you that America in general hasn't exactly been the most ethical country out there, folks. Why? Because I'm a NATIVE, and I study HISTORY. However, I'm not going to fly any planes into any buildings because of it. I'm not going to whip up a nice dose of some plague to get my point across. Sure I -COULD- but what would it really DO? Simply put, such methods serve to close ears to your message. How righteous can you claim to be when you're blowing up airplanes full of people that have nothing to do with your struggle? How just can you claim to be when you're getting CHILDREN sick? How honorable can you claim to be when you're orchestrating some military action from a PALACE while much of your own people STARVE? How noble can you claim to be when you're spending COUNTLESS dollars on weapons while much of your own people live in squalor? Are these examples of VIRTUISM? No, clearly not.

And the Palestinians shouldn't do that shit, either.

You're welcome. See you SOON.