Hello, my intended...

Well, it seems that the Ancient One is preparing for our fight by... Watching old movies? While I realise the importance of being 'psyched up' for a match - especially for someone without any chance - even _I_ wonder at this particular choice of mental preparation... Sure, I've been told that 'Rocky' movies make Italians think they can beat black men, so it goes to follow that watching a John Wayne movie or two would make you think... Nope. That CAN'T be right... Bobo is neither a Japanese, nor Native American, nor even Lee Marvin... What in the hell is this mook THINKING?

Oh wait, he's a Marine... Scratch the thinking... Not an option... Hmmm... I know! Who ORDERED this mook to waste his time watching 'the Duke' when he should be making sure his policies are paid up? His Uncle Sam, perhaps? Heh.

Now to business... D.I., you just don't understand how hopeless your situation really is, do you? You couldn't beat me with your puke kid sister Sledge AND a lead brick... Now you don't have Sledge, and I CRUSHED your lead brick... You probably couldn't even beat my valet if he spotted you three hits... You've outlived your usefulness to your Corps, your Country, and my Comic Relief... Consider yourself FLAGGED, old timer... Heh.

Now then, since you're going to be the Marine Corpse this '$80,000'.... Heh... Remember what I told you before, Grampa.

Old soldiers never die... THEY DIE SCREAMING.

You're welcome... See you SOON.