Fans, Flames, and Falderall

Hello, my intended...

Well, here we are again... Lots of interesting things to ponder. Some people have even wondered where exactly we're coming from with our little 'heads-up' to the fans out there in the Blistering Binary... Sigh. Let's take the points one group at a time...



As ever, I love a good debate... But I'll settle for what I've been getting. Heh. Regarding the leaking of your supposed 'state secrets' to me, all I can say (after the obligatory hearty laugh) is I have a right to the responses I receive to my efforts - same as you have. For the record, my email addy is on the website, but I've never seen a direct response to me from these supposed stalwarts. Odd, eh? Guess they don't want me to make fun of them... Oopsie!

Apparently you'd PREFER to flame me 'behind my back' simply because I personally don't like something you DO like. Nevermind the facts, they seem to get in the way... Spiffy. But that kinda ruins the whole 'high-ground' approach many of you've been presenting, doesn't it?  I'd briefly considered joining the list, but I really have no interest in Adult Stories of any kind, so joining would only be interpretable as me 'picking a fight'; ergo, I'll pass. Of course, that plan was assuming someone as 'despicable' as me would even be welcome; which I doubted based on my thorough study of human nature.

So, I have to make do when any of my friends reads me these responses over the phone (provided they don't name any names). No one 'forwards' anything to me, so I can't make fun of anyone's punctuation, spelling, or whatever. Not that I would, since I've got so much BETTER to work with in your CONTENT. To be blunt, if I was counting on support for any cause of mine, I'd certainly pick better 'champions' than Slash is presenting... But I digress... Slash is not the issue, now or ever. The fact that the powers that be can aim a little program at the internet and harvest the exact URLs and DNSs of people that are simply - even PROUDLY - violating THEIR copyrights and subsequently have them tossed out of cyberspace IS.

My whole issue with it is based on concern for the 'little guys', but the fact is that - whether anyone likes it or not - the Media Giants ALSO have rights, and to say that YOUR rights supercede THEIRS is unmitigated elitism. Since I'm no fan of elitism in ANY form, I responded to it as I tend to... HARSHLY. As before, the level of offense to this is generally in direct proportion to the level of GUILT, and no matter HOW you want to dress it up to make a mockery of righteousness, that's the irrefutable truth. PERIOD.

Nobody likes to be proven to be 'in the wrong', I know. Especially not as often and as handily as I've been doing it. But not liking it doesn't make you right, does it? No, clearly not.

You're welcome... See you SOON.