P-R-I-V-A-T-E. Show You What It Means To Me...

So, there seems to be a feature being included in all the software Bobo buys lately that all but forces him to REGISTER with some database or other, and if he refuses then the software will cease working. Beg pardon? Are they saying that after spending $550 for an INSTALLATION (non upgrade) version of Office 2000, I can only use it 50 times before my soul is forfeit? Yes, yes they are... The purveyors of this dark practice insist it is to protect them from 'piracy', but we think different... Observe:

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a pirate, and I don't expect these programmers to work for nothing. It is not for me to see to it that these hard working folks are denied the benefits of their efforts... That's Bill Gates' schtick. For myself, I register my shareware - sometimes even sending extra if the product warrants it. Take one of my favorite shareware products: Getright. Now, I paid my money like a good boy, and as soon as the charge appeared on my statement everybody was suddenly offering the same thing 'integrated' into their own product FOR FREE. Internet Explorer has support for restarting downloads with just a reclick on the link... Netscape has SmartUpdate/Download... RealPlayer has RealDownload... God knows what else is out there to make me feel like a pinhead for BUYING a download manager, but that's not all... RealDownload and SmartUpdate REPORT to whomever WHAT you download, from WHERE, and WHEN... Jesus Christ, isn't it enough that they already know my personal info - now they have to know what I -download-?

Again, the THEORY is so that they know what you like so they can 'customize' themselves to your 'needs', but enough already. What if I download something that turns out to be something GRUESOME, such as a bestiality movie where I thought I was downloading a clip from the Animaniacs 'Buttons and Mindy'? Then the Illuminati (or whomever) automatically flag ME as a pervert, and the rep is shot. Of course, if I want, I can use something called an 'Anonymizer' which (supposedly) masks/hides where I go and what I do, and all for the low, low price of hogging HALF my bandwidth, plus about twenty bucks a month after the $50 install - with, you guessed it, ANOTHER registration process... Not to preach doom and gloom or fear-monger to the paranoiac, but THEY still have the REAL info, and will fork it over in a heartbeat to whomever comes for it - be it Federal Goverment, Marketing Department, Identity Thief, or Stalker - which, in case you're not catching onto the theme here - is in the ANONYMIZER's EULA.

See, that's the problem. Content and INTENT are disparate... How many of you clicked on a link for something innocuous and gotten some hardcore porno site? How many websites get 'sponsored' by such things and use CGI/Java/VBScript to open a window to something like that automatically - here lately even when you close the browser window stained with that crap, it automatically opens FIVE MORE with similar crap on them. And it's ALL being logged, folks. Don't kid yourselves. Privacy is an illusion at best, and not much of one to be sure.

Same thing goes for newsgroups... Sure, you could be sifting through the 4,500 spams  about horny housewives and hot Japanese schoolgirl rape-chicks in an ATTEMPT to find information on Sailor Moon, and on the other end someone's writing down that you're looking at the horny housewives and Japanese chicks... God forbid you set your news reader to download all the posts in a group to read offline, because if you DOWNLOAD that sick crap, then you're guilty of trafficking in it, PERIOD. Law's a sumbitch, ain't it? I can see you now... "But, I didn't download it ON PURPOSE... It was what was on the news server!" Well, kids, remember that EULA that you signed for your ISP? Remember the part where they state that they are not -EVER- to be held accountable for content on THEIR equipment, nor any damage done to you by giving you access to same? Feel free to recheck it.... Interesting how the law makes having the same stuff in two different places both legal and illegal, idnit?

Not to tread on someone's First/Fifth Amendment rights, or deny them the opportunity to make a buck, but THINK a little... The odds that someone in, for example, alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.anime wanting porn are significantly greater than the odds of someone in alt.binaries.pokemon... No question, right? So why post the same 'Cum Get Some Hot Asian Teens' message in BOTH groups? Retarded? Where are the Illuminati with this one? All the putz does is alter their E-Mail address for the NEXT thousand posts, and -I- gotta go through the trouble of configuring ANOTHER jitbag to block from my Inbox. Are they saying they'd rather know that -I- still watch cartoons than know some scumbag is raping KIDS to send Polaroids to OTHER scumbags? Yes, yes they are...

THAT's my big problem with the whole 'registration' thing, folks. For all these hoops they make ME jump through so they can keep up with who -I- am and what -I- do, all sorts of creeps skip tra-la with their sick little fetishes, rampant piracy, and general hate for whomever they hate; yet nobody seems to be able to nail them. Of course, I know why they can't catch THEM...

They're too busy watching US.

You're welcome. See you SOON.