Grainy Polaroid Shot of Me


This is my first attempt at a vanity site... Though it's not my first website - for that you can trot over to The Nightmare Wrestling Foundation and see what alot of free time can kick together... Heh.

Information about me is in order, I suppose... Deal.

From: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Age: Born in Aug, 1970 (sneaky update dodge)
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 250-270 (depending on the menu)
Hair: Dark Brown past my shoulders in a ponytail, usually....
Eyes: Four. Two plastic, two hazel.
Ethnicity: Native American/Czech (Paleface Injun)
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Heterosexual (Hey, I know, but when you're over 25 and not married ppl wonder...)

Special Skills:



Well, this is one I have to be blunt with. I'm weird.

VERY weird.

With most people, that means they get shunned and abused. But that's when the nerd is a little twerp, and I'm sort of a monster. So people stay away from me and generally keep one hand on their pistols whenever I start talking...

I'm a very odd duck... I have a sense of humor that makes people think of MST3K if it starred Dennis Miller, George Carlin, and Bob Goldthwait - and was on 24 hours a day... I break chops/balls, but never maliciously... Just a big wiseacre. VERY big. Heh. Add in that I look like a Police Sketch, and we're not exactly talking about Prince Charming. More like a Prints Alarming, though if we're going titular, I prefer Baron Waste... Heh.

I've been in Cyberspace almost as long as it's had a name, and started onlining when the fastest you could get was a 1200 bauder on the C-64. That would be since '85. Paid a MINT for that Commodore, too... Still have it. Just doesn't work. :)