You Can't Hand All the Truth...

Hello, my intended...

There are many things I really am not fond of, as you well know. Chief among them is a liar. In my mind, a liar is the worst form of thief, because they steal trust. Maybe I'm not all that into them because as a Native American, I'm part of a people who have had to deal with bullshitters since Columbus landed and 'discovered' the place, but I digress...

Since I'm about challenging stereotypes, suffice to say that THIS 'dirty, red savage' will tolerate no bullshit. Ever. If you want to feed me a line, go right ahead... But if I know better, or find OUT better, expect to be called on it.

That isn't to say that I expect people to be right all the time, no. Nobody's perfect. However, if you tell me something you believe is a fact, and I present the evidence to the contrary, have the decency to accept that. Lots of people get bent out of shape when they get caught in the wrong, and actually want to make me out to be some sort of monster because I had the temerity to point it out. I guess they're mad that they're not as slick as they thought, but it's hardly my fault now is it? They tend to get really pissy because getting nailed makes it that much harder for them to pull the same crap on others. That, I admit, is my doing...

But is it wrong? No, clearly not. By making it tough for liars to get away with their deceptions, I perform a service to the benefit of the general community. The only people 'hurt' by that are people that want to go about hurting others with impunity, and pardon me if I don't cry a river.

For the record, I am a drywall finisher. What I do is make segmented panels of sheetrock look like a single continuous wall using something most people call 'spackle' (it's called joint compound - 'mud' for short, in case you cared). Further, I make ratty, chopped up butchery look like good work by covering it up.

That's right. I lie for a living. And I'm VERY good at it. The only fields where you can say the same are law and government, but I digress... But the thing is, that's work, and lots of people do things professionally they wouldn't/couldn't do personally - ask a go-go girl. That the lying I do is tolerated because - bluntly - unfinished drywall looks like crap is all well and good, but it's no less a lie. Remember how I said there were no shades of grey for me? I stand by it.

However, I don't judge because I know what you do is not who you are. That is why I conduct myself outside of work (in personal matters) as honestly as I can, since that's what I expect in return.

That's where I run into trouble...

See, experience has taught me that some people LIKE to be lied to. Some even PREFER it. When you see how happy some people are that I took their awful basement and made it beautiful, or that I dressed up their living room with a popcorn ceiling, you'd see it yourself. What can I do? Tell them they're welcome, and cash the check. What I can't understand is that some people want it ALL THE TIME. The gladrag and glitter to obscure the gruesome underbelly full of things they'd just as soon forget ever existed.

I can't do it. Sorry.

Does that make me a bad person? No. Choosing to not lie is an act that tends to be in the 'good' segment of the ol' karmic ledger. However, I will not tell the truth if I know it will hurt someone... Even if they ask me to. That's what silence is for. Unfortunately, most people that know me know that, so silence is answer enough. If they MUST have an answer, I will put my extensive knowledge of the language to the task of telling EXACTLY the truth... delicately. That usually works. If it doesn't, well, I tried...

Now for the meat of the meal... As I said, I proceed in honesty because that is what I know. It's genetic. What's also genetic is my absolute inability to understand how people can choose to deal dishonestly, and anyone that proceeds in truth is a stupid savage. While the truth may have set SOME people free, bullshit got YOU amber waves of grain, and US a desert. Not that I'm bitter or anything... Heh.

Which brings us to the JWs... No, I don't mean Jehovah's Witnesses, I mean John Waynes... John Wayne, some people may remember, made quite a success of himself portraying 'heroes' that went about the grisly business of genocide against a generally peaceful, honest people that had the TEMERITY to stand in the way of the American Dream - Natives and Japanese, mostly. Spare me that 'time of war' crutch, okay? It's not flying. Most of those movies were made well after WW2, and certainly after the full expansion from sea to shining sea.

A JW actually thinks that proceeding roughshod as they see fit and to hell with who they trample to do it is... get this... VIRTUOUS. Further, they're willing to fight anyone that says different... The idea, no doubt, is that nobody will be 'stupid' enough to step up. Bully tactics.

That's where -I- come in. I'm not afraid to wade in and have a nice scramble with someone that presents a falsehood as if it was the truth - especially when I know the truth. To say the least, once called on it, most JWs have no idea how to proceed. When someone sees through their false front, they may make alot of noise, but when said someone isn't following the script (especially the part where it says they're supposed to win) they're completely out of their depth. This pleases me.

Now for the funny part. Many people actually have such an obviously odious person as what they call a friend! For whatever reason, they actually tolerate bullshit - even going out of their way to avoid the possibility of suggesting that said JW may not be as right as they claim. Why? Because that person is their friend and they want to keep said person their friend. Can you say 'desperate'? Can you say 'cowardice'? Are either of THESE considered virtuous qualities? No, clearly not...

Now for the REAL funny part... When the JW gets their head handed to them, these lapdogs actually want to score some brownie points with the Duke and rally to their defense. Even attacking the person that is messing with the program. If you want to go day to day under someone's thumb in the bullshit business as usual scenario, that's your business... If you tolerate their tirades and raucous falderal, that's your prerogative. If you eat their shit and call it chocolate ice-cream, that's your choice... I don't judge you. Hell, I'll even lend you a spoon.

But I don't tolerate it. That's MY business. And if you insert yourself in my business and try to make me out to be the bad guy for the sin of refusing to allow someone to shit on me, you're in for a rougher patch than you EVER would've gotten from the JW in question, have no doubt. If someone wants to give me a load of crap as if they were some sort of authority on something, they better have their facts straight. If they don't, it's going to be that much worse when I show up and pick apart their little self-delusions... And if they have help from their cheering sections, well, I have a policy:

There's always room for one more on Bobo's Wild Ride. Nobody leaves empty-handed. EVERYONE gets a prize.

Not nice, I know. But let's be honest... Nice is just a word people use to let others know someone will put up with shit. Nice people don't assert themselves. Nice people don't make waves for fear of not being liked. Nice people are doormats. I am, therefore, the antithesis of a 'nice person'. This pleases me. I am proud to say that I am a GOOD person, but sadly, cannot bring myself to be a nice person... As you can see, there IS a difference.

This brings us back to the whole friendship thing... Ask yourself this, after reading all that you have, would you rather have a nice person at your side when the world's against you, or a good person?

Same here.

You see, a good person is a rarity. Being able to meet one and call them your friend is even moreso... It's easier to be nice, and that seems to be enough for most people. I'll explain in parable. Say you and your friend are at the bar and about to talk up some hotties, but your breath is kickin' dragon-style. A nice person will not tell you for fear of hurting your feelings, and you'll get to REALLY be embarrassed when the hotties in question rank on your halitosis. A good person, conversely, will always take the lesser of two evils... Yes, you'll probably be a bit put off when they pull you aside and whisper that a Tic-Tac might be required - but the wise person realizes how much embarrassment they were spared by the tactful intervention, thanks the good friend and pops a Tic-Tac... Which of the two cases show the actions of a TRUE friend?

A good friend puts their relationship at risk to protect the other person. Why? Because they think you're worth the risk, and have the stones to TAKE that risk. Sometimes, they lose that gamble... One may take offense and ream the good friend for their faith in them, but when they have a chance to think on it they may realize that the good friend was right to protect them from themselves, and they may apologize. A good friend will forgive them, too. Like I said, nobody's perfect, and we all have bad days sometimes... A good friend does not judge. Being a good person is a tough row to hoe to say the least, which is one reason they're so scarce.  Thus,  many people figure nice is close enough and run with it...

But it isn't.

You're welcome. See you SOON.