Hello, my intended...

For the record, I think THEnewguy is a prolific poster and a welcome addition to the crew here at TRP. I'm hardly online these days due to work and similar 'more important' matters, so I hadn't actually made the time to say so in the forums or through e-mail. Sometimes I forget that folks don't have my take on the alleged 'importance' of receiving accolades from the readership, and most of my 'co-workers' understand that stance when I simply don't rush out a congratulatory gush for every post everyone makes. The fact that you (or any of us) have a spot ON the staff is clearly affirmation to one having a certain level of skill with their writing, so beyond that I don't see much need for further celebration... That's me, though. I understand that there's plenty of folks out there that crave a steady stream of fan-mail, but none of them are me. I just wanna do my thing in peace...

That said, he has chosen for some reason to pick a fight with me. Intra-staff flaming is generally frowned upon here at TheRingPost, so I had to make sure that my 'response' to his bilious raving wouldn't upset the applecart with Dave. The boss had said that it should be okay, so let's address the problem in my own special way, shall we? TNG quotes are italicized...

"I turned one small section of a post into a whole post about Hawk. So I get the feeling he is talking about me."

Quite an ego you got there, junior... You couldn't think you were the ONLY person that was grousing about Hawk not having a 'proper' eulogy clip, could you? News flash: You weren't. There was a veritable tsunami of sniffling sentiment from the grief-stricken Legionnaires scattered throughout the cosmos regarding that lack, and all of them said pretty much the same thing. I found this stance wholly unreasonable for reasons I've already made clear to most people, but I can always draw a picture for you if you still need help understanding. One could tell that I wasn't picking one any 'one' person right away if they'd only noticed that I pluralized 'spaz'. 'You' is the same in singular or plural, so perhaps that's the cause of your confusion? In either case, at least Hawk got MENTIONED in the show, which is more than they gave Verne Gagne, Wahoo McDaniel, Davey Boy and many others... No pleasing some people, I guess.

"Lets start with him saying "angry vitriol". As far as I know, vitriol means anger."

Allow me to further your education then... Vitriol n. 1: (H2SO4) a highly corrosive acid made from sulfur dioxide; widely used in the chemical industry [syn: oil of vitriol, sulfuric acid, sulphuric acid] 2: the expression of bitter deep-seated ill will; rancor [syn: vituperation, invective]

"So saying "angry vitriol" would make about as much sense as "greasy grease" or "hairy hair". "

Only to people that haven't got strong vocabularies... Of course, it could also be that you were 'pharmaceutically confused', so I'll be magnanimous and let you pick, kid. Which is it - Stupid or Stoned?

"All I know is that I'll be damned if I am going to sit here as a man and let someone who still plays in E-Feds make fun of me."

Don't worry, you didn't... A man would have spoken about it one to one. You put it on the front page. TWICE. My email addy is on every post I make and I do have an AIM and Yahoo ScreenName, so I'm not hard to contact if one feels I've stepped on their toes. But to be accurate, I didn't make fun of 'you' or 'anyone' except Roid Warrior Hawk. If you took it like that, it was an error borne of a guilty conscience. My opinions are my own, and -usually- nobody complains when they don't mesh with theirs. People have made light of Owen Hart's death, among many others. It happens. You should see the 'Touched by an Angel' spot over at Lethal, or the infamous Lowering Owen flash game.

I don't write so people like me. I could give a shit whether an LOD fan is pissed off that I 'spit on the casket of their hero'. That's THEIR problem. Rest assured that Hawk himself could care less either way at this point... Heh.

Sure, I've gotten a few e-mails brimful of carping from TripleH or Austin fans regarding things I've written about their heroes, but that's the nature of the beast in the op-col scene. Most people know that already, but hey, you ARE new here... That's why I'm taking it easy on you. I think it's commendable that you're compassionate and sympathetic towards people that bring about their own misfortune, but if you want to paint me as some sort of bastard because I don't proffer similar mollycoddle...? That gets you The Treatment.

I further find it strange that you seem to think that e-fedding is something 'lowly' to do... That's your opinion, sure. Then again, since you travel in 'better living through chemistry' circles, I can only wonder whether it was an 'enhanced' opinion. Another thing I notice is that for someone who makes their money 'darkening' folks, you don't have much love for - as you called them - 'blacks'. I noted there were no less than five racist epithets in your last recap, perhaps more as I didn't heavily scrutinize it...

Let's go on to his 'follow-up', shall we?

"In my last post I did a little of what I thought was good-natured ribbing on Mr.Fiendish. He had busted on those of us who were "weeping" over the lose of Road Warrior Hawk. In my post, and only in my post, I took offense to him downplaying the death of RWH. I am really, truly, hard to offend. That does not mean I cannot ham it up within a post."

Hey, that's some nice backpedalling, there... Didn't mean it, eh? Just a work, was it? Hamming it up, are ya? Riiight.

"If the post that Fiendish left on the forum tells me anything, it tells me he did not appreciate what I had to say."

No, that was to explain myself regarding my general loathing of the Road Warriors... THIS is to tell you I didn't appreciate it. See, if it was 'all in fun', the accepted procedure is to let someone know so that they don't turn around and give you both barrels. You have not - despite me giving you ample time to do so, which leads me to believe that it was not 'worked' as you now try to convince me well after the fact... I gave you the benefit of the doubt rather than immediately returning the fusillade, and the only thing I saw after all this time was some half-hearted duck and cover crap - which didn't exactly impress me regarding your sincerity...

Now I am known for ruffling feathers, it is something I honestly enjoy. I like finding new ways to piss people off.

Spiffy. I'm known for not taking shit from people - especially ones I don't even know. How's it goin'?

A perfect example of this is last night we had beggar's night here in my hometown. I remember how pissed off I would get as a kid when I would take the time to get dressed up, walk the town, and then get fruit or pennies as my "treat". So I got a couple of penny rolls and a carton of mini boxes of raisins and I let the kids pick which they wanted. Nothing is quite as cool as watching the smiles fade off the kid's faces."

I see. Yer a class act, there... At least you resisted the urge to razor some apples, so you're not a complete sack of shit like the LOD. Guess you just need a little more practice, huh?

"Sorry I got off track. Anyway, I would not even bring this whole thing up because I know first hand the readers couldn't care less about personal squabbles between the writers."

Which is why I put my 'answer' in the forums rather than publicly. Whatever 'heat' or 'rub-off' you were trying to get from me had and still has no place on the front page, IMO.

"So why am I bringing it up?"

For attention, maybe?

"Because I think the post he left on the forum (in the writer feedback section) was the best thing he has posted since I started here. Granted, I have only been here a month or so."

And I've only been doing the Raw Recaps this month... Well, if anything it proves folks just can't shine shit - ask Jonny X if you don't believe me. Normally, I don't have the time to pound out the posts since I do more on my job than play around on the computer. You can always look in the Archives if you're curious about my past works...

"He "debunks" the myth of the Road Warriors. It does not change my opinion that the Road Warriors were a great team. But before I read it, they were hands down the best tag team ever. He brings some things to light that I had not previously heard. If the things he says are true, it would certainly knock them down a notch in my book."

You don't have to believe me, bro... You can hear it yourself from the dead horsie's ass right here: Hawk Interview from XBOX LoW II

As added bonus, I'll give ya both of Animal's interviews, so you can hear how much shit he's full of while you're at it... Animal's Interview from XBOX LoW II Part One Part Two

And just when I thought I couldn't hate those scumbags any more than I did, Animal does a fucking interview where he uses the World Trade Center attack to call for a return to the environment where his gimmick still works... Now, don't get me wrong, I've done some questionable stuff to get my point across in the past - but I would have NEVER believed ANYONE this side of the Bush Administration would be shitbird enough to use nearly four thousand innocent people's corpses to try and drum up business until I heard ol' Animal do it. These are your heroes? You can have 'em, buddy.

"It is a great post. It should have been front-page material. I only brought this whole thing up so that you the readers can have the chance to go check it out in the forum. I hope you do so."

Okay, so now you wanna put me over so you can look like a class act? You really DID learn a lot from the LOD, dintcha?

Anyway, I have consulted NormanB, who assures me that you're generally a good guy - just with a bad habit of starting shit up with people you shouldn't. I can only guess it was what got you banned from LW, since they're not known for taking much shit, either... We all challenge our readership in our own way, I know; but again this isn't Lethal. We don't 'squabble' here. That's certainly not because we're unable to, but rather that it's generally best for all involved if we stand 'unified' as wrestling fans - despite the fact that some of our opinions don't twig with each other. Allow me to paraphrase Geronimo when I say that there's so few of us left that it's foolish to fight amongst ourselves. If your thing is Star Trek, I think I saw an episode where a Klingon said 'Only a fool fights in a burning house'. This is my general stance when people say outrageous things in their posts, but I've been known to ask an author when I wasn't sure about something... Feel free to try it yourself.

The fact that Norm sort of vouches for you is enough for me to stand down from unleashing the full brunt of the Wrath Unholy, but I cannot let you off scot-free in good conscience. Therefore, I have responded to your little issues with me in as civil a manner as possible. I don't enjoy putting on the gorilla-suit. Others don't enjoy it much either... Then again, you might be a masochist.

Whatever the case, if you choose to continue to escalate this little imbroglio I'll be happy to oblige. But since you've generally presented yourself as something of a 'nice' person in your works so far, I can't imagine you'd want to do so. For myself, I'd rather simply let the matter drop and we continue our 'careers' here at TRP in harmony, but I'll let you make that decision...

You're welcome... See you SOON.