Cartoon of Smokes

Originally Posted 9-2-03

Hello, my intended...

As many of you know, the current trend amongst us Internet Columnists is to 'borrow' gimmicks from semi-popular late-night shows and give them the old IWC twist for cheap laughs. I've seen gags done from Letterman, Conan, and even Leno. Not to say these folks haven't done some hysterical stuff with these proven bits, as that would be a base prevarication; but it always struck me as odd that one particular 'Late-Night' type bit hadn't been tinkered with (to my knowledge anyway) by the brilliant op-columnists at large. Specifically, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.

With this in mind, I decided to make a go of it myself for a bit of a change of pace from the usual thought-provoking fare I'm allegedly 'known' for - and I didn't want anyone to get around to it before I did. Heh. Besides, I already had an 'established' character to use for it. Why not?

Personally, I've always wanted to do a comic strip... Ever since I was a kid, even. It was neck and neck with 'pro-wrestler' for much of my formative years, and I worked hard to make certain I had the skills required to be at least 'competent' in either field. I opted against wrestling because of the crap money and lack of benefits. However, the reason I 'opted out' on cartooning was that there's far better than I out there that are pretty much living on E-Bay commission work and I don't think they need another hack running around trying to steal what little audience they might have. Besides, I never thought I could be 'funny' on command, if at all. No, I do alright for myself with the whole 'day job' thing, and this stuff is just for my own amusement...

But if it amuses you, too... Hey, that's a bonus, right?

Let's see what the old Mr. Fiendish can do, then, shall we? Sorry about the files being so large (average of 120K each) for you dial-up using fans, but I promise the presentation will be worth every penny I made doing it... Er, well, just give it a chance, okay? How often do I let you down?

Like I said, not exactly 'Doonesbury', but I had a bit of fun putting it together. And if you had any reading it, allow me to say:

You're welcome. See you SOON.