It Was the Blurst of Times?
Written 12-20-04

Hello, my intended...

Yes, I know. Still at it, just like the total idiot I've always been. A strange sort of impossible dichotomy, I am. Here's a fairly erudite, learned, insightful and dare-I-say sage type person, and he's watching wrestling of his own free will. Bottom line, you can indeed be smarter than a Mensa Librarian and yet have NO DISCERNIBLE COMMON SENSE. Me in a nutshell, that, but I digress...

I've already noticed that the holiday season is well upon us, and tonight will be our Christmas Present from Vince and his clan. Seeing as we're getting another fustercluck Elimination Chamber Match to decide the World Champ of Raw, I'm thinking these guys really hate us. Remember the first one? Jericho, Michaels, Booker T, Triple H, RVD, and Kane. HBK won. Now there's no HBK. Neither is there Booker T, Kane, nor RVD - although Hunter's trachea is doubtless glad of the latter... (Attaboy, Fiendish! Never let go!)

The second interation of the Elimination Chamber had Jericho, Michaels, Orton, Nash, Triple H, and Goldberg. HHH won that one. This makes (according to Wikipedia, anyway) Triple H and Jericho basically 'record-makers' by having been in all three matches. Jericho will probably hold the record for jobbing all three, but I digress. Any notoriety is good notoriety at this point, right Mr. Irvine? I figure they might give the strap to Orton, but after HHH's tearful plea last week he'll probably come out on top again. Because they hate us. Pay attention.

On further reflection, it's possible Levesque might have Jericho scratched from the match to keep all that notoriety for himself. Three time, three time, three time Evolution Chamber-AH Participant-AH. Might even replace him with Benoit, y'know, to keep the Jobbing Canadian quotient in place... Heh. You've probably just experienced that usual sinking feeling you get when you see HHH has another opportunity to enhance his 'cred' in the ol' History, and we all know he's never one to let such opportunities pass. Sure, he might not even be aware of it, or he might just be looking forward to doing it the FOURTH time they trot this out... Which I guess means you can blame me and Wikipedia for showing Levesque the light.

Yeah, I love being an asshole. Deal with it.

Eric's Picture is not booed. No reaction at all, actually. Ominous, this.

Tonight, they replay the Shelton Benjamin/Trish parody of the Terrell Owens/Desperate Housewives deal... I'm puzzled, but at least now I have it on tape. Yay me.

Standard Raw Intro.

Oh, shit, it's a Best of RAW 2004 show... Coach and Lawler to host it, and I'm feeling that old sinking feeling. Y'know, I don't think it's necessary to recap a clipshow, so I'll pick it back up next week. Probably.

You're welcome. See you SOON.