Making The Tough Decision

Originally Posted 11-1-04

Hello, my intended...

Despite this being the night before All Hell Breaks Loose in the USA, picking a President is not the Tough Decision I allude to in the usually cleverly worded Recap Title. Nothing anyone can say will change anyone's minds about whom to back, and if there's anyone still out there as 'undecided', I can only pray that they're not in front of me in line at the polls. That could eat some of my precious time up, and I don't fucking appreciate that kind of shit. If you are wishy-washy enough to still be undecided the night before All Hell Breaks Loose - stay your indecisive ass home, okay? The rest of us have work to do.

That said, allow me to speak of the sort of decision I really mean here...

I'm not sure when - or even IF this will reach you folks, as TRP is still down due to whatever happened when I posted last week's Recap. I'd called Dave about it, and he said he'd get the host to put a backup online, but as yet they haven't done so. Tony D had thought he'd destroyed the board himself a week prior, but I figured if DK's T100 and my Recap could go up after that then he wasn't to blame.

I was. Well, half me and half Dave's webhosting... I'll explain.

By my admission to Dave, everything went straight into the crapper after I clicked the Add New Story button. It's still in said crapper, so as I said I've no idea when you folks will see these Recap-type documents. I'd mused over getting one of these Blogs so I could pump in an RSS feed to the two or three people that read this shit, but there's no script on the site that would allow it - and besides, Scotsman's already doing the Blogsite Deal. I'd also considered creating a Yahoo Group for distribution of whatever rubbish I'd care to toss out into the blistering binary, but the last time TRP was part of a YahooGroup we got virused... Not fun.

So I was chatting over AIM the other night with my good friend, Der Kommissaar, who was also pretty bummed that the Home of the Best Original Wrestling Writers was still toes up - and he told me he'd discussed the matter with NormanB; probably one of the only two guys on our Ugly Cousin Site (Barbwire Mike being the second) that we know well enough to consider a like-minded person and respectable. Not that no one else on there is like-minded or respectable to us, but I'll have to defer to DK beyond the two Lethalites I know, as DK knows more about that lot. Probably because he can actually get into their Forums. My not ever being able to get in there was what led up to me getting a gig here at TRP, but I digress.

Back to the original train of thought, DK tells me that Norm suggested that we'd be exceptionally nice additions to Lethal, and he was also pretty sure BwM would enthusiastically agree. I'd probably agree with Norm on that, myself, but Mike having a chick now may have changed his perspective a little... Call it a hunch.

Being the asshole I am, though, I asked if DK reminded Norm that he's already part of Lethal, albeit as a ROM Reviewer instead of a wrestling op-col. DK said he didn't, but that he'd told Norm that the only way that notion would even be entertained as a remote possibility would be if Dave decided to not continue with TRP - and even then it'd require much thought.

Me, I'd promised two things when I started up here.

One: As long as there WAS a TRP, Bobo'd be an exclusive.

Two: I'd carry on until either I or the WWe was dead.

Presently, these promises are in conflict. So I'm continuing as I promised under the belief that Dave's host will get their shit together and I can post these fucking things soon. I was unsuccessful in (my desperate attempt at) posting last week's Recap on the old forums, and the new ones are also out of service, so if you're looking for your Bobo Recap Fix, then get ready for some SD Jonesing...

Not that I think I wouldn't be able to do as some of the more connected of my coworkers here and get my hackery carried on several sites, but the bottom line is that it's just not me. Bobo prefers to be a single candle fluttering in the breeze. It's too easy to turn into some freak marking out for themselves if one gets 'too big', and you've only got to check out the freaks on 1PopUp, 411 or PWT to see where that can lead. I'm not cut out to be a BNF (Big Name Fan, in case you forgot). I'm just a regular-type fan. Pun not intended.

So as my second anniversary with The Ring Post draws nigh, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might see a third... Or a tenth... Et cetera. TRP is Bobo's Home. Until I know for a fact that there will be no more TRP, I will continue writing for them. I will not accept this as a fact until Dave tells me personally it is so. Now before you start accusing me of any passive-aggressive falderall to get Dave to do what's best for Bobo instead of what's best for Dave, it's absolutely not the case. Not ever. Why?

Because I know Dave's got a lot of irons in the fire keeping his myriad other entrepreneurships afloat, and he might see this crash as a sign to cut his losses. Wrestling's at a crossroads, and the fandom is altogether pretty apathetic to the current products. I know it takes a goodly bit of dough to keep TRP mostly advert-free, and if Dave thinks that dough would be best spent elsewhere, I've no problem with it. It'd make me sad, sure, but I've been sad before. It didn't kill me.

Take when Wrestlecrap went under the first time... Like all the others that regularly perused RD's baby, I was pretty bummed when he had to make that Tough Decision.

But I respected it.

The man's got a family to take care of, for chrissakes. If I knew a guy picked keeping a website going over taking care of his family, I'd consider him a fucking douchebag and never respect him again. I hope that's not the decision Dave's faced with; but if it is, allow me to say this: Pick Your Family. We Are Not That Important. Don't Ever Think We Are. Do Not Make Me Fly Down There And Put A Boot In Your Ass, OK? OK.

If there's one thing that I can say I do differently than most other fans, it's that I don't carry around a sense of 'entitlement'. I never allow myself to feel that anyone 'owes' me my entertainment. Yes, even VKM. I also try to never forget that there's people on the other side of the screen - TV or computer - and I do my best to see things from their side before throwing my two cents in. Yes, even Bradshaw.

So that's the choice that I think Dave might be facing. Dave's not the sort to lay that kind of stuff at anyone's feet, but from speaking to him I can tell there's more than a server-side problem with our little corner of the fandom. I wouldn't press for details, but I could tell he was thinking some heavy things over. Logically, considering the crash, the most obvious concern was whether it was worth it to expend the effort to get things back together like before.

If it were me, considering the dwindling fandom; the lackluster product causing the general dropping off of production from most of the staff; and the fact that I consider Dave a friend...? I'd hang up the boots if I had the same choice. And I wouldn't bat an eye about it, either.

It's not 'quitting'. It's 'prioritizing'. If you feel your wallet/TRP needs a rest, I'll accept that decision without a word of discord. If you opt to bring TRP back at a later time once things are all sorted out, I'll be right there for you.

Of course, I'll have a HUGE amount of egg on my face if the place goes back up before I finish this recap... But they say egg is good for your skin, right?

Live from Peoria, Illinois, the Tag Titles Rematch pits La Resistance against Chris Benoit... and maybe Edge. Also, repurcussions are pending from last week's 'revolt' against Evolution. Ten minutes to go is shorter this week, so I only get a little time before the credits of CSI roll.

Eric's picture is not booed. It's the 'new' shaved version, by the way.

Replay of Evolution being backed down by the entire locker room, and then Evolution screwing the RKO out of a title shot until either HHH is not the Champ or the end of time, whichever takes longer. Further replay of HHH getting some of that Strength In Numbers from the Lower Number side of the equation...

Standard Raw Intro.

Someone has a sign that says 'NWA-TNA is better'. Heh. Wonder how the Sign Cops missed that one...?

Oy, Gene Snitsky is coming out to start the show, pushing a baby carriage filled with assorted weapons. Remember when Raven used a shopping cart for that kind of shit? Remember when New Jack used a trashcan? I like this better.

They remind us that Snitsky put Kane on the shelf. Which reminds me...

Thank you, Gene Snitsky!

Regal is trying to talk to Eugene, since Eugene's the lamb for Gene to crush up tonight. Regal puts Gene over as a monster that can do horrible things with weapons, and tries to convince Eugene to let him come along for the upcoming Hardcore Match... Eugene refuses him, citing he needs to learn to stand on his own two feet... Regal looks worried, but he stays back as asked by his charge.

Eugene comes to the ring and Gene comes to meet him at the ropes. Eugene ankle-yanks him down from the floor, but Gene kicks Eugene away. Eugene is in the ring, and he lays a couple kendo-stick shots across Gene. Gene shakes it off and then lays waste to Eugene. Gene then picks up a sign with a baby's picture on it - and a 'No' Circle around it. The fans boo. Bobo smiles. Gene body slams Eugene, and then goes outside for a chair... Gene infers that Eugene is in for the HBK Crush, and Eugene kicks Gene away.

Eugene grabs the chair and wallops Gene. Eugene grabs a leather strap and lays some shots on Gene. Eugene lays in another couple chairshots. Gene kicks Eugene's skimmer in, and then hits the Corkscrew Side Slam. Threecount. Snitsky wins.

To celebrate, Gene puts Eugene's head in the chair for a nice crushing. Regal comes out and knocks Gene away with the brass knuckles. Gene backs away favoring his ribs as Regal rips his suitcoat off and dares Gene to come get some...

Cut to HHH bitching about getting his own medicine from the rest of the guys, and he thinks they should be asking themselves if they did the right thing when they kicked the shit out of the guy that brings the people to the arena? (I thought they beat YOU up, Beaker. Not Rock.) The guy that brings the food to their family's table? (I thought they beat YOU up, Beaker. Not Vince.) Well, as a protest, HHH is staying home so that they can see how they do without their franchise player, and when he comes back, things had better change - or Evolution will change them.

They must realize that there's only ONE diamond in this business, and without him Raw is NOTHING...

Only one? What about Dallas Paige? What about Simon Diamond? Also note that not having them doesn't hurt Raw much... Inconvenient things, facts, aren't they, Beaker?

Commercials. Shaquille O'Neal is teaching Spanish to kids while in his NBA gear. Good thing it's not English, I guess.

The Zombie is on the Diva Magazine... Lawler is drooling all over it, and it seems some chick named Maria is also signed on. (Bwuh?) She's got the interview gig, a la Paula Poundshock, and she draws Tajiri for her Cherrypop Microphone Segment. She asks the Japanese Buzzsaw how the locker room feels about HHH going off to pout, and Taj says that 'They Mad as Herru, and Not Gunna Take it Ennamwah. They don't carru if Tlipple Aytch NEBBA come back.'

Flair interrupts the segment long enough for Batista to clobber Tajiri. Flair and Dave make their way to the ring so they can get THEIR bitching in... Sigh. Flair's got the microphone.

"What happened to Ta-Jury is just the beginning. Last week was unacceptable! Whether you like him or don't like him - you all need to RESPECT Triple H, because he is YOUR World Champion and the Leader of Evolution. And if Eric Bischoff doesn't restore order on Raw - they will go back there and DESTROY the entire locker room."

Bischoff comes out. He's there for two reasons. Business side: With Survivor Series being two weeks away, he wants to announce the Raw side of the card. IC Title? Christian versus Shelton Benjamin. Women's Belt? Stratus versus Lita. For the Main Event? Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match. Jericho. Orton. Maven, and Benoit to face Evolution with Gene Snitsky - only Flair's not on their team, EDGE is... (Bwuh?) Which brings them to the personal part. Flair might not have liked how things went last week, but Bischoff did. So he's gonna continue to let the inmates run the asylum. See, normally, Evolution makes their demands and he usually grants them. But when he was getting his head shaved? Where was Evolution? In fact, what the hell has he gotten from two and a half years of kissing Evolution's asses? NOTHING.

So, he's gonna have the winning team get FULL control while he takes a month off. Dave suggests that Bischoff might not wanna do that... He then bristles and repeats himself, adding that he 'strongly' suggests Eric mightn't. Bischoff asks if he's threatening him. Dave says 'it's whatever you want it to be.' Bischoff doesn't look too scared. Probably because, y'know, DAVE ISN'T FUCKING SCARY. Dave also needs to work on his thinly veiled threats, because Eric could have 'wanted it to be' Dave offering a hummer, which kind of ruins things from an intimidation perspective. Just a bit of advice for you, Dave... Here's a nice tactic I've used now and then when people are being difficult:

Look serenely at them a moment, then smile with just one side of your face and ask, "Soooo... How're the kids?" It usually brings them back to reason. Your mileage may vary, of course... Depends on how scary you actually ARE... Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Bischoff says if the possibility of HHH losing the strap bothers him so much, he should maybe not lose the SS match. He also says that HHH saying that Raw is nothing without him is incorrect. The truth is, without that Strap... TRIPLE H is NOTHING. Evolution goggles in shock as Eric leaves the ring. Untouched.

Bobo marks out for Bischoff for the first time since the NWO... God bless that little weasel. I can only guess that having his Grecian Formula to the Nth shaved has somehow de-assholed him, much as a haircut removed Samson's vigor in the Old Testament. Admit it, it's the only theory that makes any sense at all.

Commercials. Chamber of Fear coming to a basketball court near you. Nice series of commercials, this, but - um - what the fuck?

Christian comes out to jerk the curtain at 9:31... Yeesh. Oh wait, I already forgot about the Battle of the BamBams - Version Gene (Version Two. Version Hardcore.). Oops. Guess that Evolution bitchfest only FELT like a half an hour. The Dueling Genes thing wasn't too memorable, except for Regal looking ready to fight Jesus himself if need be. Where was I? Oh yeah!

Christian to face...? Hurricane. I guess he's a face again, huh? Modest pop from the crowd confirms, sorta. They lock up, Helms with a Side Headlock. Christian Irish Whips free, and then Edge comes out as Helms is grinding the headlock on Christian on the map. Edge doesn't mean to interrupt, but he thought he'd tell them he's decided to come back to Raw and shill his book 'On Edge'. He continues to shill as the match progresses. Christian tries a slam, but Helms slips loose and it's back to the Headlock. Christian wriggles loose and Front Suplexes Helms onto the top rope. Helms falls out of the ring.

Edge talks through the whole thing about his book, which he said he did without benefit of ghost writers. Christian finally figures out what the fuck is going on, and he tries to get some offense in. Helms lariats him as Edge signs a copy for Ross. Christian back up, so Helms hits a Neckbreaker followed by a High Crossbody from the top. Christian gets back up and flings Helms into the ringpost shoulder-first, and then Unpretties him. Christian wins.

Shelton Benjamin chases Christian out of the ring. Christian accuses Benji of stealing his votes, and as a reward there's gonna be a Special Edition Problem Solver for the Benji Problem. Viscera.


Christian gets in some quick shots while Shelton tries to figure out what the fuck is going on. Then Viscera hits the Avalanche on Benjamin in the corner. Shelton sells it like he's been gutshot while Christian prances happily around him. Viscera looks down on Shelton fatly.

Commercials. Chucky rips off that stupid ass Silent Night, Deadly Night crapstravaganza for his latest commercial. Sorry, but when your horror movie needs the ruboff from a horror movie that sold like eight tickets? Maybe you shouldn't go through with it. Just a thought...

Tod Grisham is back, and he gets to interview Edge... Edge crows about being back better than ever and ready to defend those Tag Straps. Grish talks about how great that is, since Edge kinda bailed on Benoit last time. Edge says that since Benoit beat LR last time by himself, he should have a REAL easy time with a partner of Edge's caliber. Benoit shows up and gives the hairy eyeball to his partner, and Edge talks about whether Chris would like to do it again...? Benoit is fine either way. Edge takes the opportunity to yoink 'his half' of the straps and then toddles off. Benoit stares after him.

Maven goes to Evolution's dressing room and he asks if they know what THEY are doing, talking all that crap. Dave gets ready to beat up some eyebrow, but Orton and Jericho are there too. They explain - again - that Evolution is right about that Strength in Numbers shit, and they'll have just the MOST fun putting pay to their asses if they should try to exert their two-man press on the locker this week.

They leave, Flair and Batista are cowed. By Jericho, Randy Orton and FUCKING MAVEN...? It is to laugh.

Commercials. Tom Hanks stars in a new CGI flick. No, not Toy Story 3. This is about a train. No, not like Thomas the Tank Engine... Y'know what? Fuck it.

Simon System is one of the new Raw Sponsors... Interpret this as you will. Simon Dean in the ring with a table full of tablets to make his first live infomercial... He'll even choose a Very Lucky Person to receive a years supply of the Simon System. Dean insults some geeks in the front row. Some of them are fat.

The bit is DYING as I watch. Swear to God. Nova tries his best fat jokes on the chubby fans in attendance, and asks one big (planted) fatguy if his mom and dad were cousins. The plant tries to come through security, and Dean tells them to allow it. The big guy's name is Matt. He's from Peoria. He's not too into the Simon System. Dean asks Matt to take off his shirt. Matt requests the same of Simon. Matt goes first. Nova insults Matt's jiggly man-boobs. Nova cops a feel. Matt shoves Nova across the ring and then kicks over his table of wares. Nova flips out and tosses Matt down in a modified Kata Hajime. Matt shrieks like a woman and Nova lets him go. Nova leaves. The crowd boos. Not because Nova's a heel, either. This was DULL.

Commercials. Chicks in a Beauty Pageant have a new event. Hand to Hand Combat. It's to sell the new Dead or Alive Ultimate on the XBOX Live. I was gonna buy it anyway.

The Juicebox is the Official Portable Media Player of the WWe. Lawler shills it. Looks pretty crappy, but that's comparing it to the Lyra - which is the shiznit.

La Resistance make their way to the ring. Quebec flags wave. Benoit comes out by himself. LR doubleteam him before the bell rings with a Team Shoulderblock. Sylvan is ejected to the apron. Benoit hits some Chops, followed by a Backdrop Suplex. Sylvan interferes. Benoit knocks him away. Conway gets in a Neckbreaker in the confusion. Tag to Grenier. Benoit commences Suplexing everything in sight. Edge begins his intro, confusing Benoit. LR gets in the brawlies as Edge walks around the ring trying to get the crowd into this mess. Grenier hauls Benoit up for a suplex, but Benoit blocks it. Grenier tries again, but Benoit blocks again. Benoit counters with a Snap Suplex on Sylvan. He crawls to the Face corner, and of course Edge shortarms him and leaves back up the ramp. Benoit curses after him.

Commercials. Al Sharpton wants people to quit their menial jobs so that he can exploit them for a Reality Show.

Edge is sitting with Ross and Lawler in the announce booth as Benoit is getting his ass kicked. Conway covers. Gets two. Conway clamps on a Neck Vise. Benoit elbows out of trouble, but is put into a Full Nelson. Benoit elbows free of that, too. Benoit hits the Enzuigiiri. He tries to crawl to the corner for nobody to tag. Benoit flips out and suplexes La Resistance to shinola. Benoit makes the Neck Cut, and Edge decides to go to the ring. Benoit hits the Diving Headbutt. Edge gets to the ring. Benoit hits the Crossface on Conway, but the ref is distracted by Edge and doesn't see Conway tap immediately. La Resistance hits the Au Revoir. Benoit is pinned. New Champs. Edge snatches a belt from LR and then clobbers Benoit with it before tossing it back to LR. Benoit is busted open, so Edge punches on him some before backing away smiling. Benoit hauls himself up, so Edge goes to beat on him some more. Benoit hits some brawlies, but Edge spears him. Edge leaves the ring to boos, and Benoit is getting back up. Edge comes back in and backjumps Benoit with punches to the skimmer. Edge hangs around a bit this time, and then clamps Benoit in the Crossface when he tries to rise once more. Benoit taps after a bit. Edge lets him go, and sneers over his battered carcass before finally leaving. He tells one of the fans, "Oh, that felt GOOD..."

Commercials. Halo 2. Will RULE. I've already bought two copies. One for each XBOX in the house... I hope they release it already.

We're back for a Replay of Edge's heel turn and making a thrashed Benoit tap. But Benoit refused assistance and left the ring under his own power.

Flair and Batista are in Bischoff's office. Complaining that they didn't get any respect and Flair demands that Bischoff repudiate the SS stips. Bischoff thinks it over for a tenth of a second before saying no. Bischoff suggests that Flair might not be too confident about his team's chances, what with all the bitching. So, Bischoff decides to make a match. Flair, Dave and HHH against Jericho, Orton and Maven. Dave says that Eric can't do that. Eric asks why. Dave says it's because HHH isn't here. Eric doesn't buy it for a second. If HHH shows up, everything's cool. If not? Flair and Dave get the Handicap Match.

Next, a vignette from a guy called Mohammed Hassan. If I remember my Arabic, that means 'Prince that is Worthy of Praise'. He explains that he's an Arab American born in America, but ever since 9/11 he's been getting all sorts of prejudice and profiling, which he's not happy about. He wants only a chance to prove himself in the WWe. He then has his manager say all that in Arabic. He does.

Fuck. No, Vince. Not this. No. You promised.


Oh, wait. Was I actually surprised a second that VKM went back on his word? Shit, I should know better than that by now. Must be all the booze.

You just KNOW this is gonna blow up in his face worse than the Billy and Chuck Wedding Swerve. Yeah, let's get some media attention, and maybe lose a few more sponsors. Great idea. It's only money, right?

Next up, Shelton Benjamin. Taped Rib Version.

Commercials. New Lord of the Rings Game comes out for Gamecube. Pity. Someone might have wanted to buy it.

Viscera is getting in the ring, and amusingly enough, as he does so, Ross and Lawler tell us Raw is brought to us by Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night.

Benjamin makes his entrance. Gingerly. The ref rings the bell. SB and Viscera stare at each other a bit before SB starts some ineffective brawlies. Viscera punches him in the ribs and makes with the Papa Bear Beatdown. He flings SB to the Face and Heel corners chest first, and then tears off SB's tape and puts him back into the Face Corner and Slams into him some. Viscera sends SB to the ropes and hits a Layout Belly to Belly. Benjamin in bad shape, and Viscera chokes him across the ropes a bit before setting him into the Face Corner. Brawlies ensue. SB gets the upper hand, so Viscera kneelifts him in the breadbasket. SB falls down. Viscera picks him back up. Viscera puts SB in the corner and Belly Bops him some.

Shelton sags, so Viscera goes for the Avalanche. SB droptoes to counter, and Viscera eats the middle buckle. Shelton foolishly tries to T-Bone Suplex Viscera. He is crushed for his efforts. Gets Viscera two and a half. Christian comes to the top of the ramp and demands Viscera end it. Viscera picks up SB in the Hanging Tree, but SB thumbs him in the eye to free himself. SB tries a Front Lunge Kick to Viscera's Ample Belly. No effect. Viscera slaps Benjamin's foot away, and Benjamin continues the motion to hit that Spinwheel Kick. Gets three. SB wins. Nice job, fatman. Pun intended.

Christian comes in to make the cheap shots. He tries the Unprettier. Shelton counters with the T-Bone. Christian and Viscera hit the bricks.

Smackdown Rebound. Tough Enough crew gets the mic. Big Show gets a pop for throwing them around. It's that sad.

Commercials. Robo-sapiens. Because the fake pets weren't enough, you can now have your very own programmable fake friend. If you buy shit like this, you really need to consider the benefits of suicide...

Trish comes to the ring. Garcia asks us to welcome her. Sorry, Lillian, can't do it. Dumb whore.

Trish talks about how her life may be in trouble, what with Lita being Career Death. She comes out with Essa Rios. Result? Essa Rios never heard from again. Lita hooks up with Team Extreme. Result? Team collapses. Lita guests on Dark Angel... Result? Dark Angel cancelled. Lita comes out with Matt? Result? Matt is destroyed by Kane. Lita marries Kane. Result? Kane is put on the shelf by Snitsky...

Thank you, Gene Snitsky!

Trish continues making her case about Lita being a Walking Kiss of Death, so Lita comes down and beats the living shit out of Trish. Gail Kim tries to pry Lita off Trish. Lita starts beating Kim up, so Trish gets in some backjump that she tops off with a kick to the belly followed by the Chick Kick. Lita is down. Trish and Kim leave Lita curled up in the ring. Fetal position, amusingly enough.

As bad as Trish is on the mic these days, this was a very entertaining segment. Especially the part in her video where the guys Lita managed just 'vanish'. Well done. I guess the sun shines on even a dog's ass, some days.

Smackdown Your Vote segment. Vote, you scumbags! We won't tell you again. Okay, we probably will tell you again, but you should still do it, okay?

Commercials. (10:48) Juicebox can hold video or mp3 or any of some other stuff... This is their website. Don't buy this. Why? It's from fucking MATTEL. It's a fucking TOY. And Lawler liked it, which means he's probably already planning to lure some kids to his van with it. Y'know what? We should mail Mattel letters saying that getting a guy that improperly touched underage girls to hawk (no pun intended, honest) a product made for kids is probably the penultimate of stupidity.

We're back (10:52) and Y2J makes his entrance. Then Maven, who has shaved his eyebrow. Finally, Orton. The Faces are all in the ring now (10:54), so let's see if there's gonna be two or three of Evolution. Probably two, so HHH can make the surprise entrance later...

Evolution comes out, just Dave and Flair. Flair's in the same robe he wore last week, and they look a bit pensive about the Strength in Numbers Credo continuing to blow up in their faces... Dave starts the match against Orton. They jaw at each other a bit before Dave shoves Randy. Randy replies with brawlies. Dave rebutts with his own brawlies, shoving Orton to the Nearside. Dave charges in, but Orton does a NICE rolling Schoolboy counter. Dave rolls outside to regroup. Randy out there with him, so Dave shoves him into the apron, and then back inside the ring. Dave tags Flair. Flair with the Choppy Woo.

Orton battles back and hits two Back Body Drops before tagging in Jericho. Jericho with brawlies sprinkled with Choppy Woo, then whips Flair to the Nearside. Flair staggers out, so Jericho with the Facebuster. Jericho goes for the Walls. Gets it. Dave comes in, but so do Maven and Orton. Dave backs away slowly. Flair's on the apron, so Orton suplexes him back inside and then tags in Maven.

Maven to the top for the Missile Dropkick, and then he taunts Dave. Dave comes in, so the referee ejects him as Jericho and Orton beat Flair up on the sly. They put Flair in the Face corner and work him over fierce as Orton keeps the referee busy. Maven chokes Flair with the Tag Rope as Jericho distracts the ref. Flair Flop.

Jericho picks Flair up and the Lowblows him into Next Week. Jericho Shuffle, which he follows up with another Walls attempt. Flair thumbs Jericho to counter. Dave comes in and drags Flair to his corner and tags himself in. Jericho comes in, so Dave Spinebusters him and then goes to the Farside and steps on Y2J's head. Dave picks him up for the Super Irish Whip. Jericho collapses. Tag to Flair.

Flair with the Choppy Woo brawlie combo. Jericho sags. Flair picks him up. Jericho hits the Enzuigiiri. Flair Flop. Both men struggle to make their tags. Dave is in. Orton is in. Dave with some brawlies. Orton ducks a clothesline and hits the European Uppercut followed by the Standing Dropkick. Dave down. Orton pins Dave. Flair makes the save. He and Dave try to retreat. HHH's music hits. Flair and Dave look happy, but it's Tajiri in a wig. The look on Flair's face when he notices the Spit-Take is green? That's fucking comedy.

Flair and Dave are crestfallen as the babyfaces snicker, and then the three of them beat the living shit out of Batista. Maven Dropkick. Lionsault. RKO. Evolution loses.

Bobo is happy. This show had it's ups and downs, but ended on a positive note. Flair picks Dave up, and Dave shoves Flair down in frustration over jobbing. Flair's eyes bug out as Dave curses his miserable luck. Flair looks worried. Fade to black.

Very good work, guys. There's still room for improvement, but I understand you're on a tight schedule to get people buying the ol' Thanksgiving Tradition... Good luck.

You're welcome. See you SOON.