Raising Kane
Originally Posted 6-14-04

Hello, my intended...

Well, Bad Blood has come and gone, and according to the results I've seen there's really nothing of any note in there. HHH beats HBK with 3 Pedigrees inside of a 45 minute match, which should pretty much clear his dance card to start up complaining how he wasn't 'legally' eliminated during that #1 Contenders Battle Royal leading inescapably to the long-since foregone conclusion that - 'For Real' or not - Benoit is coughing that belt up to Everyone's Favorite Son-in-Law pretty soon. Especially since there's such a nice new shine on it one can only get from 'legitimacy', or at the very least feasible verisimilitude...

Chris Jericho beats Tomco, as if there were any doubt that would happen... This pretty much ruins the burdgeoning feud with Trish and her Entourage, but since Trish pinned Lita to be the new Women's Champ in the Fatal Four-way, I guess it's a moot point anyway... I suppose now Tomco will be used to make sure Trish never has a problem with losing the belt via some good ol' fashioned monster-style chick-whippin'. Sadly, not only will this completely disgust me (as all man on woman violence usually does - though I've got a standing exception in place should someone slap Oprah's fucking teeth loose with a sock full of nickels, I'll digress for now) but it'll give Trish even MORE time on my screen to cut shitty, boring promos in an annoying voice while said Tomco makes scowlie-faces.

Welcome to the Big League, Tyson. Wish you were dead yet?

In other, 'No Shit, Really?' news, Kane's attempt to wrest the belt from Benoit has - like so much of Glenn Jacobs's career - come to naught. Luckily for us at home, he left that 'Stalking Lita' window open. Who knows, it might actually entertain SOMEONE... SOMEWHERE... SOMEDAY...

Who the fuck am I kidding, right? Kane's so fucking boring with this twisted psycho thing that it's an insult to everyone that's ever used the twisted psycho gimmick (me, for instance) or who have unfortunately been labelled a twisted psycho in reality (me again - twice, which explains my huge amounts of love for the medical profession in general, and the psychological sciences in particular). However, the fact is that - despite his awful face and flat, nasally voice - the fans really did prefer the 'old' Kane, with the mask and the huge piles of 'shutting the fuck up, already' that came with it. Heck, the few times he DID talk were actually semi-entertaining, such as the Rock/Hulk bit and the 'microphone voicebox', albeit unintentionally with the latter.

In other news, Edge and Chris Benoit defeated La Resistance... by DQ. No titles for you, fellas.

Oh, and just in case you doubted 'Black Folks Never Win in the WWe', Orton beat Shelton Benjamin to retain the IC Title with the help of a handful of SB's tights. AND Coachman's perfect PPV record is ruined by Eugene 'The New Streak' Dinsmore.

Yeah, there's probably some place out there that Dr.King's Dream is factored into the business plan, but it sure as hell ain't nowhere near Connecticut, and never will be. Not. Fucking. EVER. Someone had to tell you chilluns, and it was ME.

Speaking of racism, our ol' buddy and Internet Darling, Justin Hawk Bradshaw seems to have made a bit of a faux pas in the recently reunited Germany by giving the ol' Sieg Heil. You know, I knew this guy was a fucking moron, but holy SHIT. I mean, come on. Did you see him on the cover of Smackdown magazine? He's got a fan of one-sided hundreds, and is sitting behind - I shit you not - several stacks of PENNIES. The hundreds are obvious fakes mostly because they look to have been printed on goddamn Xerox paper. See, folks, one of the things I know as a semi-skilled illustator is paper. I know the difference between ten, twenty and thirty weight, and the benefits of newsprint stock amongst countless other mostly useless tidbits...

One of these tidbits being: Money does NOT fucking have a GLOSS on it - not even NEW money. In case you're wondering, it's because the paper used in making money is only 'part' paper - and part CLOTH. If only they'd used a simple blue-lens on the lighting (any halfass photographer knows this trick, which makes it even MORE baffling it got all the way to the front cover) they'd have muted the 'shine' effect on the 'bills' for the photograph enough to maaaaaybe convince some of the foolisher marks out there that the guy is really 'in the chips' and only, ummm.... COLLECTS pennies for FUN. Yeah, that's it. The funny part is I didn't even really SCRUTINIZE the cover picture and saw those two GLARING FLAWS in the presentation, but I think if I had a couple extra minutes at the supermarket I'd have seen if the 'money' all had the same serial number. Someone check it out and let me know, okay?

Anyway, his silly antics at a house show in Germany has apparently cost him his part-time gig at CNBC or something... My feelings? I don't really care. Nobody with two brain cells to rub together would EVER seriously look to this shitkicker for goddamn FINANCIAL ADVICE, and the fact that CNBC hired him on to dole it out cost them TONS of credibility (which they didn't exactly have a warehouse full of to begin with), so it was really only a matter of time before the novelty wore off and they turfed him out anyway. This way they can do it without any 'guilt'.

Honestly, folks... If you were looking for someone to tell you how to make your money work for you, would you ask someone that WAS WORKING TWO FUCKING JOBS? No, clearly not. You'd ask someone, who - I dunno - actually HAS their money working for them while THEY just ENJOY it.


Speaking of dumbasses, I fully expect the Kerry campaign to latch onto this as 'an International Example of Republican/Conservative Values'. Yeah, the Dems are silly like that - besides, they've still got to top the questionable taste of Bush trying to use the dead body of Reagan to fuel the fires of his re-election bid... Win one for the Gipper, my ass. I hope they gave Ronny the extra wide box so he can spin freely as this nose-picking douchebag further muddies his name and the Conservative Ideology in general. Hellwig needs some competition there, sure, but SHIT.

Oh well, let's see how they make me wish I watched something else on Mondays THIS time, shall we?

Tonight's Raw is from Dayton, Ohio. Bischoff sans Boy Monday gets booed.

Eric is in the office, and is approached by Kane. Seems Eric wanted to see him about last night, and the tremendous match he had with Benoit. But, they've named a new #1 Contender...

Kane gets pissy.

Eric tries to explain the situation he's in, and hopes Kane is a professional and understands...

Kane gets pissier. Then he takes a chair and professionally tears up Bischoff's office set. Bischoff flees as Kane wrecks a TV.

Standard Raw Intro.

Jericho, Edge, and Benoit will face Orton, Flair and Batista in a Six-Man Elimination match... Sigh.

Ross is in the ring to address the 'Hell in the Cell Classic', and promises they'll have exclusive footage tonight. And while HBK and HHH are both physically unable to compete tonight, they are here. Ross asks them both to come out and show how things worked out and maybe - hopefully - bring closure to 'this storied rivalry'...

Yeah, sure it will.

Michaels comes out first in jeans and a wifebeater, plus a couple key boo-boos all taped up for maximum effect. The crowd cheers for Michaels a bit. Then Levesque comes out in the same suit he wore last week, also with a couple key boo-boos band-aided - including 'the beak'. HHH walks even more slowly than usual to the ring, pausing to catch his breath take off his sunglasses and show us his shiner. Once HHH gets there, Ross asks them both to 'finally put an end to this and just get on with their lives' for the Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night.

HBK offers his hand for Levesque to shake. HHH leaves him hanging a while, so Bischoff comes out to call a stoppage to the 'feel good moment'. He's got news of the New Number One Contender, no less...

So Kane comes storming out, to REALLY overbook this shit.

All three of them stare at each other a few seconds, then Kane kicks HBK out of the ring and turns nice and slow to HHH. HHH explains he's got no beef with Kane as he backs out and away from the ring. Kane leaves to chase, but notices HBK getting back up so he kicks him down again and then fetches out a chair and rolls Michaels back in. Michaels is still down, so Kane wedges his head into the chair and them jumps on it. HBK spits out some blood, so Kane laughs and smiles, then leaves. The zebras and trainers and Ross try to assess the damage and get him in the neckbrace...

Commercials. Isn't it funny that Nintendo Gamecube's slogan/tagline is 'Who Are You?' when it should be 'WHERE are you? We're going fucking BANKRUPT here! Make your mommy buy another fucking Pokemon game already!'

They're getting a gasping Michaels on the gurney and (I guess) to an ambulance... Sigh. The crowd cheers as they wheel him out, which could be interpreted many different ways.

It's 9:22, and there still hasn't been any wrestling... Ross speculates that HBK may have a crushed larynx, but reminds us that he's not a doctor. (Nooooo, REALLY?) Bobo knows Michaels would have to shut his hypocritical neo-Christian lying fucking mouth if THAT were so, and he also knows Mr.Fiendish won't EVER be THAT lucky...

Commercials. (Yes, again... Freaky, huh?)

Trish and her Entourage comes out for a mixed tag match... Ross says that, "while he was consoling Michaels, he got the man's blood all over his hands, which is a very bad thing." for the SECOND Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night.

Matt Hardy and Lita (who enjoy margaritas) come to the ring to face Trish and her entourage. I'm thinking Matt jobs... Trish and Lita start it out circling each other, but Trish slaps on a side headlock, which she chains into a Headlock Takeover. Lita wriggles free on the mat, and they both get up. Trish kicks Lita in the belly, then smacks her in the mush. Lita tries a clothesline, but Trish bridges as a dodge. Lita comes back off the ropes and flattens Trish...

Trish tags Tomco, Lita tags Matt. Matt tries a High Cross Body, and Tomco tries to catch him, but stumbles all the way across the ring before dropping Hardy and then putting him in a chinlock. Tomco sends Hardy to the ropes and follows him in, but Matt dodges and goes to the ropes for a head of steam to knock Tomco down with a flying clothesline. Trish tags herself in, which brings in Lita. Lita with a clothesline knocks Trish down. Lita covers. Tomco hauls her off, and Matt gets in there. Tomco tries to destroy him, but falls out the ring instead. Trish tries Stratusfaction, but Lita shoves her off and puts her in the DDT for the win. Hardy hits Tyson on the outside with a plancha to make sure he doesn't break this count up and make the match even longer... Hardy and Lita leave as Winners, and give each other a peck on the ramp as they exit. Ross tells us that Jericho's Highlight Reel is coming up, and that Y2J's guest will be none other than Eugene...


Bischoff is surveying the damage in his office, and HHH comes in oozing 'concern' about Shawn's safety, and schmoozes about how with him beating HBK and all, he's a cinch for #1 Contender... Eric explains that it's not EXACTLY correct, since they've got a guy on the roster that's undefeated. Eugene.

HHH goggles in shock. So does Bobo. Eric explains that next week he is expected to fucking WRECK young Eugene and finally get rid of him. HHH tells him 'No Problem' and leaves, likely hoping to finally get some legit heel heat instead of the usual 'You Suck, Get Off the Stage' variety.

Cut to Grisham at ringside with the original Joe Schmoe to shill Joe Schmoe 2 premiering tomorrow night. Schmoe #1 introduces some of the players, and they run a promo piece. At the fucking SHOW. LIVE. It's run from 9:38-9:45, by the way, so I'm thinking the fans at Dayton are presently forming a Uni-Mind with a single driving thought...


It's finally over, so Ross promises whoever's still watching at home (both of us) that we'll have some of that exclusive HitC footage coming up soon... God knows what the fans actually THERE will be getting, but so far it looks like 'Hosed'.


We're back, and for Flag Day, we'll be having a Non-Title Tag Team Flag Match. La Resistance comes out first swinging their Quebec banners. They'll be facing Rosey and Hurricane, swinging Old Glory. Whomever wins will have their flag raised, and their anthem played...

You'd think we could find some better representatives of USA, huh? Then again, our President IS Dubya...

Hurricane and Rob start it off with some flying about speckled with brawling. Then they dump Helms across the ropes and work him over two on one in the corner. Rob hits a Vertical Suplex, then brawls with Hurricane some and Whips him into the corner. Hurricane runs to the top and catches Conway with the Blockbuster, then tags in Rosey, who gives Rob a Body Slam, followed by the Earthquake Drop. Rosey covers. Sylvan makes the save, so Rosey hits them both with a double lariat. Grenier is on the apron, so Rosey tries to Suplex him back in, but Conway grabs his feet and Sylvan falls on Rosey. Rob hangs onto the fat man's feet, and that'll be the pinfall.

La Resistance sings the Canadian National Anthem as their flag is raised. The fans present boo, though I think it's more because with an hour down they've gotten about five minutes of wrestling moreso than 'Foreign Heel Heat'. LR struts off, and while they do we'll pad the show with a promo piece of the Diva Search Show, which will apparently include Vince saying 'You'rrrre FIRRRRRRED!' to sensitive chicks to make them cry. I guess they denied Trump's bid to trademark the phrase 'You're Fired' for use in entertainment productions, and VKM just can't resist rubbing the Donald's nose in it.

Ross tells us that Jericho will interview Eugene next, to fuck with us in case we're still hoping to see wrestling on a wrestling show.


Lita is in the back looking worriedly at an EPT, then she goes to the stall to make with the pissing on the stick. Jesus, not another pregnancy angle. Anything but THAT... Anyone but HER.

So Jericho comes out to interview Eugene. The crowd chants Y2J, and he welcomes them to Raw is Jericho. Y2J says that he and his guest have something in common, that being they both won their matches at Bad Blood. He then calls Gene down, and Gene comes out with Regal to a better than modest pop. Gene is mesmerized by the Jeritron, so Regal guides him away from it and clips his mic on for him.

Jericho says other things they have in common is that they're both Sexy Beasts (Gene blushes) and both wrestling fans. Jericho asks him what his favorite Jericho moment was, and Gene tells him it was Y2J peeing in Regal's tea, which Regal drank... He further tells us he did the same thing last week, to the horror of Regal. Jericho decides to tell him something serious, and that will be that his Uncle has put him in a match with HHH, and despite HHH being Gene's favorite wrestler, HHH doesn't like anyone - least of all Eugene, and Gene had better prepare himself for next week because HHH is planning to end his career.

Evolution comes out with HHH. Eugene seems happy to see them, and Orton's even got some present type box with a bow on it for some insidious reason. Regal's standing there like he's ready to fight, but HHH tells him to calm down as Gene happily proclaims 'You're HHH'. HHH formally introduces himself, and tells him Evolution and he are Eugene's Friends - and HHH is the Biggest Friend Gene's got. The box contains a Triple H hat and T-Shirt, from his favorite wrestler. He explains that Jericho is a liar, since he's saying HHH isn't his friend. The box even has a picture of HHH, plus a Sharpie so he can give his friend Eugene an autographed picture. The box even contains an Evolution T-Shirt, but THAT is not for Eugene, that is for Eugene to give HIS autograph to HIS good friend HHH. Helmsley then asks that he get a picture with his good pal, Eugene, and calls in a cameraman for the job.

HHH further explains that 'people get jealous' and 'tell lies' to Eugene, and he would hope that Anyone who tells these lies to Eugene would be promptly reported to him so that HHH can Deal with said Liar. Personally. Yes, he's looking right at Regal, who looks ready to throw down right NOW. HHH sends Gene on his way, and then turns to Jericho. Jericho gives him the golf clap, and asks if he's proud of the HUGE accomplishment of putting one over on Eugene. HHH looks all smirky, Jericho tells him that next week, he'll be right out front to cheer and clap for Eugene to whip his ass. HHH tells him that Y2J, Edge, and Benoit will get theirs tonight, and he will get what's coming to him soon enough.

Stacy comes into the ladies' room to borrow elbow pads from Lita for a match, and Lita quickly breaks down about the EPT and it being positive. Stacy thinks it's great, but Lita looks ready to puke and very intelligently swears Stacy to secrecy in front of the Live Nation Feed because she wants to tell Matt at the hotel tonight... Stacy agrees and hugs her as we go to -

Commercials. Damn them! Pregnancy Angles NEVER work. I fucking ASKED them NICELY not to do this. Why they no listen? WHYWHYWHYWHY!?

Stacy and Nidia come dancing out for a tag match... Now would be a good time to take a piss or something, but I gotta write this shit up. Their opponents will be Gail Kim and Molly Holly. Ross explains there's some friction between Gail and Molly, for another Unintentional Funniest Line of the Night.

Nidia and Gail start it off, and Nidia takes an early lead with a Back Body Drop and a Dropkick. Kim tags Molly in, who works a Full Arm Drag and Twist on Nidia. Nidia reverses it, and Molly re-reverses it with a Drop-Toe. Tag to Stacy, who works some kicking, then the Nash Choke in the corner. Molly whips Stacy to the corner, but Stacy vaults to the top and tries a Leg-scissor, but Molly shoves her off to the apron. Molly moves in to capitalize, but Stacy slaps her. Molly yanks her back into the ring and clamps on a face-raking Camel Clutch. Stacy makes a tag, but the ref misses it. Kim is tagged in, and she shoves Stacy around some before working a Single Leg Crab that she turns into a Bridging Clover. Tag to Molly, who drops an Elbow on Stacy, then throttles her on the ropes. The ref drags Molly off her, so Kim can get in some cheapshot choking, too.

Molly tags Kim back in as Stacy tries to crawl to Nidia, so Kim runs across and knocks Nidia off the apron and puts Stacy in a modified Stretch Muffler, adding in a Head Scissor since they're on the mat. Stacy taps. Ross actually calls Kim a Submission Specialist, which makes me do a spit-take.

Smackdown Report shows Eddy dumping garbage into JBL's limo, the lead-up for Cena in a Fatal Four-Way, and Undertaker joining Heyman.

Up next, the exclusive clips of the HitC to inspire us buy the Bad Blood Replay. Must... Not... LAUGH...


We're back, and here comes the Graphic Footage. It's in photos, so I guess if you want to see them actually move, go buy the pay-per-view - or just shoot yourself.

Ross and Lawler run-down the 'wild action' on tonight's show with replays of Kane tearing Eric's office to bits, HBK getting destroyed by Kane (with a slo-mo replay added in for extra fun/padding)... How fucking stupid is it to recap the show WHILE it's on? Okay, I understand the irony in ME asking that, but come ON. THEY don't need to do it on the SAME SHOW. Save it for next week or maybe one of the syndicated clipshows... Dumbasses.


We're back, and we'll have some shilling of the Main Event for next week, Eugene and HHH... Sigh.

Garcia explains the rules of Single Elimination, then introduces Evolution - being accompanied by HHH, since he's really not getting any screentime... Heh. We're told that Orton's win over Shelton Benjamin was with some help from Flair, which makes me even sadder about the 'Black Folks Never Win' policy.

Y2J comes out first, in pink and black no less. He comes down halfway, and then Edge comes out. He bounces around on the top of the ramp like a spaz, then comes down to stand with Jericho just outside the ring. Cue Benoit's entrace... Benoit shows off his strap some, then marches to the rest of the guys so they can get in the ring (at 10:47, which means this has already been six minutes). The ref ejects HHH from the ring as he calls for the start (at 10:48), and Orton and Jericho will start it off with a collar and elbow. Nothing comes of it, so Jericho goes to a Waistlock takedown, which he turns into a Bow and Arrow. Orton gets loose and puts Jericho in a Headlock Takeover. Jericho with a Headscissor, but Orton gets out and tags in Flair. Flair and Y2J exchange chops, then Flair pushes Jericho into the Evolution corner to get worked over some. Flair with a Snapmare, followed by the Kneedrop and a tag to Dave. Dave with a High Angle Slam followed by a lateral press, which gets two. Tag to Flair, and he and Jericho go Choppy-Woo all over each other before Jericho gives Flair the Back Body Drop. Tag to Edge, who ALSO gives Flair a Back Body Drop. Flair rolls out of the ring as Dave charges in, but Batista gets his ass whipped by the three faces, eventually being double dropkicked out of the ring by Y2J and Edge. Evolution is on the ground outside trying to regroup as we go to...

Commercials. (10:52) Starz will be enjoying the benefits of being the Exclusive Channel for Gigli... Yeah, THAT will get the subscribers lining up.

We're back (10:54) and nobody's been eliminated yet, but Benoit is getting Choppy-Woo in the corner by Flair. Benoit soaks it up some, but Benoit returns the favor with interest. Flair Flop. Benoit picks him back up and sends him to the corner for another Back Body Drop. Tag to Edge. Flair thumbs him in the eye. Edge gets some Choppy-Woo, but responds with a big right hand and some Mounted Punches in the corner. Flair manages to get loose and tags in Orton. Orton with some brawlies on Edge before he tries an Irish Whip. Edge reverses and then FLATTENS Randy with the Polish Hammer. Tag to Benoit. Benoit with some brawling, but Orton drags him to the Evolution corner and tags in Dave. Benoit chops on Dave enough to stagger him, then goes to the ropes. Dave Spinebusters him. Dave knocks Y2J and Edge off the apron, then goes to some punches from a Mount Position on the mat. Tag to Orton.

Orton with a European Uppercut, and some stomping before he tags in Flair. Flair with a Chop, and then he covers. It gets two. Flair with a Pumphandle Armbar on Benoit. Benoit gets his second win and gets to his feet. Flair chops him back to the mat. Benoit back up and knocks Flair down. Tag to Dave, who puts Benoit in a Vertical Suplex and then a Single Prawn for the pin, but Edge and Jericho break it up. Dave throws Benoit into the corner for some beatdown. Benoit tries to battle back, but Dave no-sells it and digs in a couple shoulder-blocks to the lower back. Benoit dodges and Dave hits the steel. Tag to Jericho, who comes off the ropes with a Flying Cross Body, but Dave hefts him up for a Slam. Jericho slips loose and chop-blocks Dave down to try for the Walls. Dave powers free. A bit of confusion, but Dave gets Speared by Edge, hit with the Flying Headbutt by Benoit, and then the Lionsault from Jericho. He's pinned and eliminated. Flair back in, and he chops Jericho to the mat.

More deliberate brawling from Flair with some measured shots, followed by stomping to the back and shoulders of Jericho and some more brawling and Choppy-Woo. Tag to Orton, who takes the boots to Jericho and then hits a Snapmare, which he follows up with a Chinlock. HHH looks worried as the crowd tries to get Y2J's adrenaline up. Y2J back to a vertical base with an Enzuigiri to shake up Orton long enough for him to tag in Edge, who hits a shoulderblock on Randy in the corner, which he follows up with Suplex. Orton kicks Edge as they get back up, and then goes to the top. Edge meets him there for a Superplex, and then readies the Spear. HHH trips Edge in the corner with the ref's back turned. Tag to Flair, who whips Edge into the corners and then knocks him down with a Chop, which he follows with the Kneedrop and a cover, for two.

Flair with an Irish Whip to the ropes, but Edge counters it with a Flying Shoulderblock. Flair gets up quick and tries for the top-buckles, but Edge flings him off and tags in Jericho, who runs through Flair a few times before making a cover. It gets two, but Orton makes the save. Benoit intercepts and beats Orton out of the ring as Jericho clamps Flair in the Walls. HHH jumps on the apron to distract the ref long enough for Randy hit the RKO and Flair pins Chris Jericho.

Commercials. It's 11:10, with a promise to stay with it until it's over... This fucks up my 'By 11:10' thing, but it'll still be up within ten minutes of the Fade to Black, kids.

We're back at 11:14 and Benoit is chopping Orton all over the place. Orton responds with a face-rake, and then tags in Flair to work a double-team. Orton is eventually put back onto the apron, and Benoit knocks Flair down, and then picks him up for a Snap Suplex. Flair begs off, but he's in the face corner, and Edge clocks him into Benoit, who also punches him. Flair's in trouble as Edge is tagged in. Flair with a knee to the belly followed by a chop to knock Edge down long enough for Flair to tag Orton. Orton with a Reverse Chinlock on the downed Edge. The crowd gets behind Edge, and he rises to his feet. Orton clubs him one, and then goes to the ropes - but Edge counters with a Spinwheel Kick and then tags in Benoit. Benoit with a Kitchen Sink and then a pinfall attempt which gets two. Orton somehow knocks Benoit away and tags in Flair.

Flair with some brawling. Benoit responds in kind. They go toe-to-toe a bit before Benoit dodges a right hook and goes to the Double German Suplex. Would have been a Triple, but Orton interrupts. Orton gets the third one. Flair and Benoit battle some more, but Benoit hits a Flying Forearm and them tags in Edge. Flair tags in Orton. Orton gets two Back Body Drops and then Spears Flair. Orton hits the RKO and pins Edge.

Benoit in bad shape, so Orton tags in Flair. Flair tries the Figure-Four, but Benoit counters with the Crossface from an Inside Cradle reversal. (NICE!) Flair taps. Orton in now, and he makes with some stomping and punching on the fatigued Benoit. Orton tries the cover, but Benoit gets loose at two. Both men get to the feet, and Orton starts brawling. Benoit whips him chest first into the buckles, then German Suplexes him. Orton blocks the second one and then elbows free. Orton tries for a lariat, but Benoit ducks and the ref gets the bump... Orton tries the RKO in the confusion, but Benoit counters with a Crossface attempt. Orton frees himself out of panic, mostly, so Benoit goes for a Double Leg Pickup to a Sharpshooter. Orton taps. Fade to Black...

You know, the whole show was a complete waste of time, but that last match ALMOST pulled it out of the toilet... It's a mixed bag.

And we're all holding it.

You're welcome. See you SOON.