MNS (Monday Night SUCKS) was a gimmick article used on TRP wherein all of the staff weighed in on what they didn't particularly enjoy about RAW. I contributed here and there, and will include these contributions as separate entries. I will not 'rebroadcast' anyone else's contributions without permission, due to that pesky DMCA.

Hello, my intended....

Well here we are again after the Holidays with your MNS contribution from your old pal, Bobo... You know, I'm beginning to think that there's some reverse psychology afoot. Lemme quote my most recent article, since that's popular this week...

"Now folks, I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, a non-wrestler going over a wrestler is DEATH to credibility. DEATH. Zeus/Z-Gangsta over Savage? DEATH. David Arquette over DDP and Tank Abbott? DEATH. Vince Russo over Flair? DEATH. Shane McMahon over Big Show? DEATH. Stephanie McMahon over the Rock? DEATH. Vince McMahon over Flair? D-E-A-T-H, DEATH. So what comes about for all the marbles? DEATH."

This is about as clear as I can make it to these typing monkeys they have contracted to take the helm of what was once one of the biggest entertainment empires on earth and steer it straight INTO THE GROUND - non-wrestlers should not EVER go over the talent. Even as a RIB. And yet, admittedly with a run-in from the Dudleyz, Jim frickin' Ross and Jerry Lawler go over Raw's 'only undefeated tag-team'... Remind me to ask BwM how tough his British Bullshit looked in THAT fustercluck. Regal and Storm somehow manage to flush the toilet on themselves JUST after beginning to get a measly SPECK of credibility as a team. Which means that NOW there are NO credible tag-teams on EITHER show, since 3MW is teasing a breakup, hardly anyone cares about the Dudleys OR the Dusty Books feuds with the UnAmerican troupes of Regal/Storm and the Chrises. Misterio and Edge BOTH are out, and Angle is the US (Undisputed...Sorta) Champ. What does that leave? There are TWO sets of tag belts, people, and a total of TWO teams that are believable as holders of them - and they don't currently do so.

As much as I enjoy the singles work of Booker T and Goldie, that 'weak link' crud is starting to wear thin... REAL thin. And what's the deal with the heel-move tights-assisted pinfall? I know... So that Jericho can give Lil Dust another Hannibal Lecter workover about 'not being able to pull his weight' NEXT week. Thanks, boys.

And why are they wasting my time with this whole 'psychological warfare' nonsense? Aren't the Hardluck Canucks supposed to be feuding with the Dudleyz, who promised to rob them of their dignity? Nice to see that lasted a week, as I suppose they figure stealing their clothes manages to rob them of what dignity Y2J and Christian actually clung to... The sad part is that they're probably right.

"I was kept in the basement, where I tortured squirrels with razorblades..." Does this signify that they've rehired the original writer for Kane's character? No, clearly not. Does this signify that we're supposed to forget him jobbing to Batista and dateraping the late Katie Vick and believe he's a big monster again? Seems so... Guess what? Not gonna happen. So the marbles signify my inner demons, do they? I wonder what RVD thinks his career signifies about now? 'Whatever, dude...' Bingo.

Which brings us to the pretty sorrowful attempt to build the HHH/Steiner match (with the old Putski, of all things) that everyone and their Aunt Agatha knows is gonna end in a screwjob at the Rumble with HHH going over. The harder HHH sells on free TV that his opponent is worthy, the more casually and easily he defeats them at PPV. It's been done to death, but that's the only way 'the student of the' Game plays it. So I guess Vince isn't the only one on staff out of ideas, huh?

Those are what stood out the most glaringly to me about Monday Night's suckfest...

You're welcome. See you SOON.